How Your Child Can Save Your Relationship

There were specific dynamics that transpired during the purportedly ideal days of “just the two of you”: either you two agreed, disagreed and worked out a compromise, or one of you caved in to the other. You managed to adjust to this arrangement and become content with it over time.

New Dynamics

All of a sudden, you are faced with unfamiliar situations and a fresh set of decisions. Everything is unclear, the dynamics that formerly prevailed have long since vanished, and you feel unstable. Even though they don’t yet have an opinion, there is a third party involved, and it appears like they have an impact on every choice you make. It’s all focused on them. Decisions aren’t as easy these days.

We start to believe that our freedom has been robbed from us by this tiny person. We feel as though our freedom of thought, of choice, and of time have all been taken away. How stupid we are, oh! What is in front of us is invisible to us.

An image of who we are

We have the wrong people to blame. Children did not create the issue or make it worse. The hard truth is that our children were merely a mirror reflecting what was already inside of us; the issue has always existed. Children help us see our shortcomings, which we may not have known existed or previously refused to accept. They are a gift and a blessing that many people take for granted, ignore, or toss away entirely in their ignorance because they bring out the worst in us.

Adults are not always mature and self-centered. You could counter that there weren’t any significant issues prior to having your children. “My partner and I were getting along just fine.” Well, it’s so simple to live in a world devoid of challenges! We would rather live in a world where the problems that are deeply ingrained in our emotions are not addressed.

Life might get even better than it was before.

Having children can make life BETTER than it was. The amazing thing is that you have gained something that others without children are unaware of, not that anything has been taken from you. You have discovered who you really are, and if you both take on the task of evolving along with life, you will reach a beautiful depth and connection that you never would have imagined possible.

Adjust your viewpoint, follow the current, and acknowledge that circumstances have altered. Accept life as it is and start to enjoy this new journey. Avoid being trapped in the belief that the past is the best. No, if you are living well, the best of life is always yet to come.

Achieving equilibrium

The secret is to strike a balance in both your relationship with your partner and with yourself, as well as in your parenting responsibilities and rights. Your existence can’t and shouldn’t be limited to the two of you or your child alone because you are no longer just a couple. It can be challenging to strike the right balance, but it’s crucial that you do so in order to enjoy both of your positions and remain authentic.

Rethink what constitutes quality time.

It can be difficult to find quality time together, but you can exploit this difficulty to make your relationship more enjoyable. These days, the simple things matter a great deal. These days, it’s not about spending long, relaxing days at the beach together only talking to one other. These days, it’s just passing each other in the hallway and taking pleasure in your brief encounters. It’s a wink that communicates your thoughts for one another across a crowded room.

Talk to each other

Don’t judge one another; instead, speak, listen, and be truthful. Express your worries, but try not to be critical; instead, be understanding. Everyone responds to life in a different way, and the key to “making it or breaking it” is to support one another through difficult times instead of giving in to hatred and animosity. Respect for one another and a closer bond are created with every obstacle you overcome and every accomplishment you share.

The blessing of family

Avoid the mistake of believing that having children would worsen your relationship. Sure, it’s challenging, but couples face many challenges. That isn’t the main idea. The crux of the matter is in your decision to either embrace life’s obstacles and let them shape your relationship with your partner or give up and become by yourself. You now possess a unique gift. Together, the three of you become a family. Having a family can change who you are. You may become a better version of yourself as a result of it. Everything is up to you.