How to Show Your Love on Valentine’s Day With Presence Over Presents

You don’t have to search far to get messages this time of year regarding what to present your special someone as a token of your affection. To celebrate, most individuals go for jewelry, flowers, a special meal, or a box of chocolates. And Valentine’s Day quickly turns into just one more task to cross off your list of things to do.

What do we get each other for Valentine’s Day?

My spouse and I are faced with the same query every February:

What gifts do we exchange on Valentine’s Day?

After all this time together, flowers and chocolates don’t seem quite as special. They’ve kind of lost their purpose and have become regular. Furthermore, neither of us wants to spend a lot of money on a gift that won’t be truly appreciated at this stage in our life.

I want to do more than just buy my hubby a gift this year. What I want to do is offer it to him. I want to give him my whole attention and time. And that’s far more important than anything I can buy with my wallet—my time and my whole attention.

I reasoned that there might be other people out there who would prefer to spend their money on quality time and attention with their partner instead of wasting it on flowers that will eventually wind up in the compost or a large box of chocolates that will only make their waistline grow.

The top 5 suggestions for Valentine’s Day celebrations

Celebrate your presence over gifts and show your love and gratitude:

1. Instead of going out for a fancy dinner, prepare your beloved’s favorite meal

To truly be present in the event, take your time making the cuisine.Spend some time in advance reflecting deeply on the reasons you love this person and letting your attention stay solely on the love you feel in your heart. After then, keep that emotion close to your heart as you prepare and then serve the food.

2. Write a letter by hand rather than purchasing a card.

You may jot down a list of all the reasons you are happy your loved one is in your life, or you could write about a favorite moment. Follow your pen wherever it leads you.

Place your beloved’s favorite flower somewhere you know they will notice it, rather than a dozen long-stemmed roses. This might be placed in front of the coffee maker, next to the computer, or on the nightstand. This demonstrates to your partner that you are aware of their routine, know what kind of flower they like best, and have thoughtfully chosen your gift to be personal rather than generic.

3. Invest in one or two unique truffles rather than an enormous box of chocolates.

Take some time to practice eating them mindfully and to truly enjoy each other’s company.

4. Choose an activity that truly isn’t your thing but one your companion enjoys.

Offer to take part in it without holding grudges. Going too far outside of your comfort zone may make it difficult for you to handle this without becoming resentful or upsetting your partner. This might be going to the ballet or attending a sports game. While there, make a sincere effort to find out more about it and the reasons behind your partner’s intense enjoyment, even if it’s the last activity you typically enjoy.

5. Give your partner a relaxing experience, such a massage or a bath.

Consider what your significant other finds most enjoyable and work to customize an experience for them. Consider the lighting, sounds, and scents. Allow your significant other to unwind and concentrate on savoring the moment without expecting anything in return.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a clichéd celebration.

In spirit, I believe it’s a beautiful notion to dedicate a day to love and take the time to truly appreciate the love—in whatever manner that love manifests itself in your life. I’d like to challenge you this year to set more ambitious goals for Valentine’s Day.

In my humble view, the world is in need of more love right now, so let’s redefine the holiday so that it’s about something other than shopping for that special someone.

Let’s focus on showing thanks, admiration, and respect to every relationship in your life. Love lives everywhere: in a partner, in your kids, in your pets, in your extended family, in teachers, in mentors!

Love is a curious thing; the more you give, the more you receive. Spread the love wherever you find it and feel it.