How to Put Romance Back into a Marriage

You may have heard the adage “Mend it, don’t end it” a gazillion times in your life.

Even when a marriage has reached the “point of no return,” people are scared to face the reality of their loveless union and attempt to heal it. They spend hours searching the Internet for a suitable remedy to their loveless relationship as they ponder how to rekindle the lost passion in marriage.

You may commonly hear married people asking, “How do I bring back the romance into my marriage?” over the world. So you can see that a marriage’s romance is crucial to its long-term happiness and health.

We will try to answer this question in this article, but we also think you already know the solution. So let’s first look at the problem at hand: how to rekindle passion in marriage.

How to get the Romance Back in your Marriage

People who are married frequently feel that their union no longer has the romanticism it once did. Why then does the marriage romance fade away? Why isn’t there any romance in marriage?

Despite the fact that 88% of Americans responded that falling in love is the primary motivation for marriage, the divorce rate has significantly grown.

The sources we checked said that the diminished spark was caused by the following underlying circumstances and contributory variables.

  •     Growing tired of one’s partner
  •     Loss of “love butterflies”, the nervous sensation produced by endorphins when in love
  •     Lack of emotional intimacy
  •     Lack of affection
  •     Lack of surprise (dates, gifts, unplanned events, and kind gestures)
  •     Taking one’s partner for granted
  •     Differences, growing apart, or lack of common interests
  •     Married for the wrong reasons, rushed marriage, or married too young
  •     Partner has changed
  •     Poor communication
  •     Change in dynamics, or lack of time due to career and other obligations
  •     Fatigue

Can I Get Back the Romance in Marriage Again?

The response to this query changes depending on the relationship.It is common knowledge that romance is shelved after marriage. However, there is no need for the marriage romance to end entirely in your life.There are some underlying causes that are more detrimental than others.

Unfortunately, sometimes attempts to inject passion into a marriage end up failing or failing to produce the anticipated results. Determining the root causes or contributing elements can help you better understand whether you can restore the passion in your marriage.

1. Brainstorm the Issues

Use the list above as a starting point as you  brainstorm the problems you are facing and note any 1-3 potential causes that come to mind. If you require assistance, use the list above as a guide.

2. Look Over Other Factors

Look over your factors. Now, flip them around from negative to positive statements.

3. Identify the Elements

Find the factors, behaviours, or activities you mentioned in step #2 that enabled you to experience the romance or other favourable feelings.

How did those days feel like? What gave you a sense of interconnectedness? Who played a role in your life? What behaviours, actions, events, or conditions did that individual exhibit that inspired you to feel love for them?

Take note of these responses without giving the question any thought. You are jotting down any instances, individuals, circumstances, attitudes, or other details that emotionally reminded you of the moment you were most in love with your partner.

4. Find a Solution

Your future depends on the results of Step 3. Reintroduce whatever has changed at this point. Step 3 involved identifying the causes and circumstances of the pleasant feelings.

You will now think about how to reintroduce those components to your relationship.

If this is not possible, identify the connecting elements once more, branching out with additional phrases, persons, or emotions that you associate with your ideas. Alternately, go back and expand on your responses until you find some insights that result in practical tactics.