How To Prepare For SSB Interview In 30 Days

How To Prepare For SSB Interview In 30 Days: Six days will prove to be a great turning point for you, your career and your dreams. But to succeed in these six days, you need to prepare in a systematic and regular manner. The question is how many days before your SSB you ought to begin your preparation, and how several days are enough.

The answer is that it depends on you, your efforts and your abilities. Nonetheless, extra preparations have not caused a tough. It’s a common go-to line between students that if we’ll study from long before, we’ll forget it by the time the exams come. SSB is an exam for personality, and you would like to work on your personality before anything. Let us see how you can prepare for SSB in thirty days:

Know What All it Takes:

If you recognize your enemy well, you have won the war already. This is often true for exams too, solely that there’s no enemy and no killing. If you know what all is going to come in SSB, what all is there are the tests, then you’ll be able to clearly prepare well for it. Therefore devote these days to know the SSB. Read all that you’ll be able to know what all is there in each test. What is the pattern, What is the syllabus?

Start Your Fitness Regime:

Start mild jogging and stamina building exercises. Getting into shape takes time. You’ll like a lot of stamina and strength for the long period of tests in SSB. Additionally, ground Tasks need a decent fitness level.

Next Seven Days:

Start with GA: 

You’ve got begin working on your General Awareness. Start reading the newspaper make notes concerning important points. Collect info on probable topics of GD and lecturette. Read as much as you can.

Self Awareness:

Write down everything you would like to understand concerning yourself and your near ones. This includes your positives, negatives, achievements. Primarily an introspection of your personality. Your hobbies, interests, and knowledge related to that. Information related to your friends, family and their likes dislikes, and your likes and dislikes in them.

Time Yourself:

Start with the PPT’s available for TAT, WAT, and SRT. They are available with an automatic timer. You’ll be able to time yourself to perform in certain period as required within the SSB. Every Psychological test in SSB is time-bound, and that is their approach of creating pressure on you. You would like to practice thinking quickly at the spur of the moment. Write your SDT as well.


Public Speaking: 

Start practicing lecturette, this will not solely facilitate in lecturette however in each task that needs public speaking.

The following Days Read About the Forces:

How To Prepare For SSB Interview In 30 Days: Gather basic and vital info associated with the Armed Force you’ve got applied for. This can include info like commands, Chief of Staff, recent procurements and ranks, etc. Continue with what all you’ve got been doing, like practicing for psychological tests, lecturette, interview, etc. See what all documents you’ll like for SSB. Make sure you’ve got them. You’ll be able to anytime refer to varied articles out there on our web site relating to any help with any test. For any queries post your queries within the comment box below.

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