How to prepare for NDA and NA exam easily yourself

How to prepare for NDA and NA exam easily yourself

Exam Name: National Defence Academy (NDA)
Age requirements: Minimum maximum 16.5 years -19 years as the first day of the course is scheduled to begin
Teacher training: Stage 12 for the Army and step 12 with physics and mathematics of the Navy and the Air Force. You can even choose to apply while you appear for examination 12. This will save a year.
Relationship: single
Examination held in the month of: The test is conducted twice a year – every six months, usually in April and August
Preparation time: Start after class X (preferably)
Test mode: Written test followed by a thorough test of intelligence and personality
negative marking Yes
Start dates: January and July

Before going into detail on how to prepare for NDA, we must first understand a little about what a career in NDA and the NDA means.


The NDA is the Academy of the joint services of the Indian armed forces. Here, cadets of the Army, Navy and Air Force are trained together before embarking on a pre-launch in the respective training academies. The first academy tri-service worldwide, the NDA is located in Pune, Maharashtra, and is ranked among the best schools in the world.


Once a cadet successfully complete the NDA program, which moves in the academy has chosen for the training program, before commission is granted. Army Cadets moves at the Military Academy of India (IMA), Dehradun, cadet movement of the Air Force Association Air Force (AFA) in Dundigal, Hyderabad and naval cadets at the Academy naval India (INA), Ezhimala, Kerala. Once they complete the program, they are ready to begin an illustrious career with the Indian armed forces.

Some of the NDA review

The NDA applicants are chosen by a written examination by the Commission of the Union of Public Services (UPSC), followed by a test of intelligence and personality made by the Selection Services (SSB), which includes Fitness general skills like IT, physical abilities, and the like. The UPSC conducts this exam twice a year in about 41 centers across the county.

UPSC NDA examination writing

The written exam consists of two sections: Mathematics of 300 marks and 600 marks overall capacity. Each work is from 2 to 2.30 hours. All questions will be objective in nature and will be available in Hindi and English.

Intelligence and Personality Test

This test evaluates the personality, intelligence and mental health of the applicant. The test includes group discussions, teamwork, psychological tests, followed by a medical examination.

Preparing for NDA exam

written test NDA

As mentioned, the written examination consists of two papers mathematics and general ability.

Test Preparation 1: Mathematics

This test subjects such as calculus, differential equations, trigonometry, algebra, vector algebra, matrices and determinants, analytic geometry, statistics and probability will be discussed.

To prepare for this section, the first requirement is to have clarity in concepts. The questions will test your basic understanding of the concepts. Back to the point, if the concepts are unclear and try to solve as many sums. Do not try to resolve issues as largely exercises.

For this work, so you must learn effective time management to resolve all issues on time. Ideally, there would be 200 questions to be answered within 120 minutes, so you need to practice to get the answers in less than a minute. Here, the emphasis on mental arithmetic, it may be a good idea where you learn to resolve issues mentally mostly.

Test Preparation 2: General capacity

The overall capacity is divided into:

Part A: English

English test is 200 marks and issues such as vocabulary, grammar and usage and understanding are discussed. This test evaluates a person has basic control language. To prepare for this test, read English daily newspaper, learn new words, back to the basic grammar and learn the rules thoroughly. Try to solve many English exams as possible. There are many English tests available online as well. Try to try as much as possible.

Part B: General Knowledge (GK)

The test is to verify GK 400 brands and a general understanding of the candidates and their insight into current issues in the country and abroad. The test will consist of six sections: General Science, History of India, geography, chemistry and current events. To prepare for this test, follow the new updates regularly to keep abreast of the latest developments in the field of sports, arts, literature, and the like. Read about the current economic situation in the country, and the recent past of these policy changes and other issues that are directly related to India and neighboring countries.


Preparation intelligence and personality test

For this test, they focus on the development of his personality. The test typically evaluates candidates officers similar qualities, including a sense of responsibility to react to situations, the social adaptability, teamwork, etc. To prepare for this test, you can start practicing psychological tests to know. The more you know yourself, the better you’ll be able to control your reactions and grooming to develop qualities like official.

generic advice on how to prepare for NDA exam
Set your goal and start preparing early, after examination of class X. This will give you an advantage over other students.
Understanding the depth curriculum and make a firm routine so that it covers all topics
A return to fundamentals, even if it means that refers to class VI, VII, VIII, books for some subjects.
Improve your English. Start reading a daily newspaper and make it a regular habit to watch the news on television. also refresh their knowledge of grammar.
See recent years question papers to have a clear idea of what to expect.
Solve as many documents of the model and past issue questionnaires as possible.
Identify weak subjects and start working on them so you can get a stronghold.
Prepare to be calm in the examination room and answer questions within the time allowed.
Since no negative marking would try to prepare so that you do not need to do any approach to the examination room. It is best to answer that if you are very sure of the answer. Conjectures will not pay here.
Spend time in understanding yourself, your weaknesses and trying to strengthen.
Last but not least, start thinking and behaving as an officer.
Best of luck.

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