How to Kiss Better – 25 Most Effective Tips to Try Out

How to kiss better, you ask?

We’ll provide you with some kissing advice so that you may improve your skills and be prepared for any situation that may arise, including your first date or reigniting your romance with the love of your life.

Why do people kiss each other?

Have you ever questioned why we feel the need to kiss someone? Yes, we do it to show them how much we care and to like them. What, though, is going on inside our bodies that compels us to kiss them?

Just 46% of respondents to a research said they express romantic love by kissing each other on the lips. Maternal love can also be expressed through kissing. It’s well known that babies are fascinated by lips—possibly from nursing.

Thus, this is almost a natural human reflex. For this reason, giving individuals a kiss is a necessary sign of affection.

Tips for improving your kissing

What are some pointers for improving your kissing technique? Adhere to these.

1. Be clear about your intentions

First and foremost, especially if you’re with your significant other, you need to be extremely clear about where you want the kiss to go. Giving someone the wrong impression when you kiss them is really simple.

Therefore, there are a few cues you may use to make it more obvious that you’re waiting for a kiss from whoever you’re with. For instance, pay very little attention to their lips when you speak to them.

The best approach to improve your kissing is to sometimes glance down at your partner while you are conversing. Leaning softly in towards your significant other while you converse is another subliminal clue you might give them.

You’ll know everything is set up for you to take the risk and offer them a smooch if your date or lover starts to lean in towards you too.

2. Calm and relaxed

Have you ever gone on a date with someone and had an uncomfortable or forceful first kiss? Naturally, this is a huge no-no if you have.

Things might get really awkward if you kiss too stiffly or aggressively. Consequently, begin gently and slowly when you lean in for the kiss. It’s not necessary to start getting hot and heavy straight soon.

If you play it carefully, the passion between you two will grow and it will be obvious if you have genuine chemistry. This is a crucial piece of advice for improving your kissing.

3. Meet them halfway

Have you ever tried forcing your lover to kiss you the remaining distance after you’ve gone just 10% of the way into it?

As long as we can remember, films and television shows have depicted this, but it’s true! You should only lean in approximately half of the way (or occasionally less) when kissing your date or significant other, allowing them to come the rest of the way into the kiss.

It might be best to step back and allow the passion find its way to you, even if you are the dominant one in the relationship.

4. Other than the lips

Now, before you get too carried away, know that this advice might intensify the kissing experience.

Naturally, you have already begun to kiss slowly and sweetly, but if you feel that things are growing monotonous, it could be time to change things up a little.

Kiss them on the cheek, or go down to the nape of their neck, and plant a few kisses and a nip or two on them.

If you’re brave enough, approach them to their ear, tug or kiss them, and murmur kind words in their ear. You’ll be quite clear about your goals and how much you love them.

5. Mix things up a bit

This advice kind of ties in with what we just said, but if you feel like you and your partner are stuck in a kissing rut (or simply with dating in general), it might be time to shake things up a little. This is a crucial kissing technique.

In most cases, it’s wise to pace yourself, but if you’d want to add some excitement, go ahead! Give them a more forceful kiss than normal to express how much you care. Elevate the situation.

6. Practice makes perfect!

In this case, practice makes perfect, even though it may seem like a ridiculous and obvious advise! When you go on your next date, or just spend a date night at home with your significant other, try some of these advice and strategies.

Just keep in mind that it’s normal for trying new things to occasionally feel a little weird! It’s something fresh and unusual that you have to get used to. It is termed practice for this reason.

7. Take advantage of your teeth

Giving your spouse a gentle push on their lips with your teeth is the perfect way to really amp up the intensity in your relationship—or even on a date.

Naturally, you want to bite down gently enough to offer a hint of a tease but not so gently as to induce discomfort or bleeding. In that case, it’s obvious to your partner that you’re ready for increased passion.

8. Put your head in a different position

Have you ever observed that when you kiss someone you care about, your head invariably leans to one side and stays there? If so, this advice is for you. Changing your head position to bring movement and life to the kiss might be beneficial.

Naturally, noses get in the way of direct kissing; instead, move your lips from side to side. During your kiss, it will appear as though you are more present and giving your partner your entire attention.

9. Keep your lips healthy

Making sure your lips are healthy is a tiny but crucial aspect of improving your kissing technique. You wouldn’t want to give a dry or chapped lip a kiss. Make sure that neither your date nor your companion has to.

10. Keep your breath fresh

If you are going on one of your first few dates, this is really crucial. Having bad breath may be very unflattering, regardless of the stage of the relationship.

That is only appropriate, though, if you are kissing in bed right after waking up. It would be advisable to make sure you are minty fresh when you kiss your lover, unless that is the case. This is a vital piece of advice for improving your kisses.

11. Ensure it is the right time and place

A kiss can be ideal in certain situations, but not always at the correct moment or location. For example, your significant other may have recently lost a loved one or a priceless item. You can pretty much count on them not being into a kiss if you go for it.

Thus, choose your location and timing carefully when kissing. It’s essential for more satisfying kisses.

12. Do not forget consent

It’s not appropriate to kiss someone on a first date or any other occasion if they pull away. Making sure they’re into it and want to be kissed is one of the most crucial pieces of advice when it comes to kissing.

Check out this book, The Ethics of Consent, if you’re interested in learning more about consent.

13. Be respectful

When you both appreciate each other, those kisses are the greatest. This entails making sure the kiss is consenting and your partner is comfortable. Include it if you know where and how they enjoy being kissed.

14. Consider the type of kiss

If you’re unsure, think about the kind of kiss you want to give someone. Try giving them a cheek kiss if you want to let them know you like them but aren’t sure if they feel the same way.

Likewise, give your significant other a forehead kiss if they’re depressed or simply feeling down.

15. Relax

Before you plant the kiss, try to de-stress a little if you’re anxious. You don’t want your partner to feel the same way about you if you are too stiff, unconfident, and uneasy during the kiss.

16. Use your hands

Hand gestures in particular have a lot of expressive power. Use your hands appropriately. Before you kiss them, hold their hand or place your hands over their face. To show their passion, you can bury your hands in their hair.

17. Make use of your tongue

One piece of advice that experts in kissing will provide you is to utilise your tongue properly. Starting at the tip of your tongue is an option. Your tongue can assist you in initiating a passionate kiss.

18. Use your tongue sparingly

Although using your tongue is advised, it’s crucial to make sure you don’t use it excessively. It would be preferable if you didn’t thrust your entire tongue between their lips. Maintain equilibrium.

19. Let it flow

To put it simply, “How to kiss like a pro?” The simple solution is to let it flow.

Whenever you kiss, it’s crucial to just go with the flow. Never give someone a kiss just for fun. In a similar vein, each kiss is unique and enjoyable when it’s allowed to happen.

20. Maintain eye contact

You wouldn’t believe how much of a difference maintaining eye contact can make. Prior to planting a kiss, maintaining eye contact might give your partner the impression that you are interested in and focused on them.

If you make eye contact before the kiss, it will probably be much better.

21. Break it up

As things get hotter, you can kiss additional regions of their body, but please don’t break up the kiss. Popular areas include the forehead, eyes, cheeks, and neck. This is a crucial yet sometimes disregarded kissing technique.

22. Snip, but not too hard

There are those who find pleasure in receiving kisses and those who find it enjoyable to be bitten. Make sure it’s hot, mild, and doesn’t damage your spouse in any case.

23. Be close to them

When you attempt to kiss your spouse, please make sure you are both at relaxed and in close proximity to one another. If you start the kiss too far away, it could get awkward and uncomfortable.

24. Pay attention to them

During the kiss or after, pay close attention to what your spouse has to say. To make your kissing experience more seamless and enjoyable, you can ask them about things they enjoyed and didn’t like.

25. Recognise that there are other ways to show someone you care.

Expressing love doesn’t have to solely involve kissing. If you and your partner don’t exchange “sparks fly” kisses, that’s okay. You two can show each other your affection in various ways.


Here are some commonly asked questions about improving your kissing skills.

1. What is the ideal kissing technique?

A “technique” for kissing does not exist. It can be necessary for you to adjust your approach if you’re searching for the ideal kissing strategies.

It can feel robotic to kiss with skill. Though it seems to be motivated only by the book, it is not motivated by love or any other feeling.

Using the aforementioned advice would be the ideal technique to plant a kiss. Additionally, you can tell if your spouse is enjoying it by observing their body language and emotions.

2. What kind of kiss is the most romantic?

The most romantic kind of kiss is thought to be a french kiss. It employs the tongue and is a kiss on the lips.

That goes beyond a simple kiss, though, if romance is what you’re after. How romantic the kiss is may depend on a number of factors, including how you kiss someone, how comfortable you both are, and how much chemistry you have.

The lesson learned

Naturally, it’s crucial to keep in mind that these are merely some practical tips we have developed to help you feel more in love; they don’t necessarily indicate that these are the best options for you and your partnership.

Make sure you are at ease with everything that is going on since nobody else will be if you are uncomfortable. Kissing is supposed to be a tender, loving, and caring part of our relationships that enables us to express our feelings in unique ways.