How to Keep the Romance Alive after Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day has therefore once more passed. Hopefully, you and your partner took advantage of the chance to express your love for one another in unique ways. Although it’s wonderful to have this “excuse” every February to engage in overtly amorous behavior, it need not be limited to that single day each year. Here are a few ideas to help you get started in maintaining the passion in your relationship throughout the year:

Make two “wish list” jars

They claim you can teach people how to treat you, and in a genuine relationship, this is undoubtedly true. Consider making a “wish list” on a small piece of paper and putting it in a unique jar for each person. Then, on occasion, you pull one out and give your spouse whatever it requests, such as a back rub, a neighborhood walk in the evening, a cappuccino, or whatever other small gestures brighten your day.

Know your love languages

Understanding each other’s chosen love languages will help you to have a happy relationship. Your wife may not be as grateful if you continue to shower her with gifts if her preferred form of affection is practical assistance than if you were to fold a load of laundry for her. Furthermore, if spending time together is his love language, he might not require a lot of words or presents.

Make thoughtful notes.

Having said that, encouraging words and thoughtful letters can really help you and your loved one grow closer. Consider placing a little card in his pocket or desk calendar so he can discover it later, when he arrives to work. Or, before she heads off to work, slip her a love note in her car. The pleasure and joy of anticipating meeting one another as soon as possible after receiving these notes can grow with time.

Little gifts go a long way

Gifts are appropriate since people typically want to give to the people they love. It is not required to be large or expensive. A favorite brand of chocolate or cookie, a flower picked up en route home, etc. Bring a leaf, a nice pebble, or a feather you found to show that you were thinking of your spouse while you were away and wanted to bring something thoughtful to offer if your spouse enjoys nature.

Be attractive.

Have you ever considered how your partner is forced to see you on a daily basis? At home, it is simple to settle into a habit of comfort and to just lounge around wearing old clothes without any concern for how you might appear. Nevertheless, why not make an effort to look beautiful and dress and groom yourself impeccably so that you might be “easy on the eye” for your partner.

Reading is enjoyable.

Have you ever attempted to read a book aloud? One chapter at a time can be read by each person in turn. It’s time to share your favorite “bedtime stories” with your spouse because he or she may not have read the same books you did growing up. Or you could read a motivating book about a subject that interests you both. Or how about a traditional love tale? You’ll be surprised at how far you can go if you read a little bit every day.

Gaming is enjoyable.

In keeping with the theme of childhood favorites, how about playing board games like scrabble, monopoly, pictionary, checkers, or chess? You might host some buddies and have a fun date night. When playing Pictionary, specifically, make sure you and your partner are on the same team and assess your interplay skills. Why perhaps play croquet, bowls, or mini-golf together if you like being outside.

Surprise! surprise!

Nothing increases the passion in your relationship like a surprise! You could organize a last-minute getaway for the weekend or even just a night out together, somewhere you’ve never been before. Imagine picking your partner up from work (after making all the necessary preparations and packing an overnight bag for her), and then you two head off to your surprise, hidden location for the time of your lives while creating priceless memories.

Calendars are for keeping

Get your calendar out and conduct some serious scheduling if you believe you won’t have time to do all of these tasks. Because your relationship with your loved one is likely the most important thing in your life, you should devote a lot of time and energy to it. Years fly by so quickly. The moment has come to cherish and strengthen your bonds while preserving the romance throughout the year!