How to Join Merchant Navy after 12th Courses, Ratings, Job Prospects 

How to Join Merchant Navy after 12th Courses. Merchant Shipping is one of the most secure industries in the world. In India a federation has formed which is known as (NUSI) National Union Seafarers of India, they work for the welfare of all the crew members. They keep watching constantly whether the crews onboard vessel get proper hygienic food, or whether they get their wages in time on not.

Even in problems in the failure of ship engines or problems of piracy in the seas, the NUSI takes the problem to local government as well as International Transport Federation to take care of the situation and make sure for the safety of the crew members on board. The federation also takes care of the medical expenses of the seafarer and their family and sponsor their children for education and see to the financial support for their family till the end of life. Here we give you some details about how to join Merchant Navy after 12th courses.

Merchant Navy after 12th courses are as follows:

  • /B.Tech. Marine engineering.
  • Nautical Science
  • Diploma in Nautical Science
  • Maritime Science
  • /B.Tech. Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering
  • BBA in Shipping Management
  • Ship Building and Rep

How to Join Merchant Navy after 12th if the applicant has complete any of the above UG then the applicant can also go for some PG and advance courses if they want.

Here is the list of some advance courses:

  • /M.Tech. in Marine Engineering
  • /M.Tech. in Naval Architecture and OceanEngineering
  • Nautical Science
  • Maritime Science
  • PG Diploma in Marine Engineering
  • MBA (Shipping Management/Logistics Management)
  • (Maritime Law)
  • Pre sea training courses (GME, DME, etc)


Merchant Navy after 12th courses the ratings are as follows:



    DECK                      ENGINE                          CATERING
        I                                   I                                            I
          I                                   I                                            I
2nd OFFICER        3rd ENGINEER               CHIEF COOK
         I                                   I                                            I
3rd OFFICER         4th ENGINEER           GENERAL STEWARD
       I                                     I
BOSUN                         OILER
     I                                       I
  A.B.                                WIPER

Job Prospects:

Many job opportunities are there in the field of the merchant navy. Applicants who have completed merchant navy basic courses get jobs quickly by many placements agencies and consultants. There are high chances for employment in cargo ships as compared to the others.  Merchant Navy fleet consists of cargo ships, container ships, a barge carrying ships, tankers, bulk carriers, refrigerators ships, passenger ships, as well as roll-off/roll on ships.

To run and maintain the ships trained people are required in the company who run the merchant ships. Some of these companies are Chevron and Mobil of USA, Wallem Ship Management of Hong Kong, Denholm of UK, K Line, Bibby Ship Management, d’Amico, etc. India too has its shipping companies, such as the Shipping Corporation of India, Great Eastern Shipping, Essar and Chowgule Shipping. Trained people are required for the three main departments of the ship: the deck, the engine, and the service department.

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