How to join IMA Dehradun ?

IMA represents the Indian Military Academy. The Training Academy India Army officer who was created in 1932. Dehradun is the training center for the youth IMA. A on admission to the IMA is known as a gentleman cadet. One reason for this is that the Academy wants its graduates to have the highest moral and ethical values. Training receives training, exercises, weapons training, physical development, and leadership practices. Outstanding IMA provides employment opportunities for young candidates courageous

Cadet undergoing IMA training for a year. Candidates will be selected through various tests. Cadets who have graduated from a school not to participate in military training for a year and a half.

There are several levels for candidates who must prepare to Join IMA. physical and medical, age limits are among the basic mandatory on the basis of candidates who are chosen

Following the selection procedure for the review of the Indian Military Academy (IMA) is described:
Written exam.
medical exam.
It is necessary that the candidate wishing to join IMA must have completed a degree in any discipline from a recognized university. To join IMA, you must write the entrance examination than other forces

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Here are ways to join the Indian Military Academy (IMA)
With an NDA examination: Candidates who have passed their 12th class may appear in the NDA. Only male candidates are eligible for this review. age limit should be 16.5 to 19 years. And they must be simple. It is necessary that applicants must have completed 12 PCM as main subjects.
By CDSE: male graduates can join IMA CDSE. CDSE to appear for written SSB pass and must be medically fit and come in the final merit. The age limit is 19 -For 24 years. NO there is a specific percentage that you need to ask CDS review
Technician Course (TGC): those studying in the last year or have completed BE / B Tech in compulsory current can join in technical courses IMA advanced in age from 19 to 25 years.
Under the Ticket university system: This input can be made by the candidate who is in the final engineering or pre-thesis. required minimum marks are 60% marks and age should be between 20-25 years. SSB interview selection Campus is here
Physical standards:
Fitness is one of the most important for the binding of IMA conditions. Regardless of the industry, you are applying, you must meet certain physical standards base.
common physical General requirements for all applicants. Here are the rules:

The applicant must be in good physical and mental health and free of illness/disability
It should not be diseases of the bones and joints of the body
The chest should be well developed having a minimum expansion of 5 cm.
There should be no signs of the functional boat or organic heart disease and blood. Blood pressure should be normal.
The urine test is done and any anomaly detected If a cause for rejection.
Any disease of the skin also causes rejection.

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