How To Join Garud Commando Force To Serve the Country

Indian armed forces are known for their active services and handling precision in every situation, be it a matter of national or international. Since the time of the war in the worst-case scenario, the armed forces were always ahead. All three services of the Armed Forces, the Army, Air Force, and Navy have their special forces to deal with any immediate arid situation. Indian paramilitary forces of the army, navy and reached MARCOS Air Force India Garud. These segments of the elite armed force are trained to withstand the public’s terrorist attacks. These forces are the symbol of resistance and so appointed as special forces. These forces are recruiting personal ads to serve and then train as per the requirement so that a person called special order. Here, we talk about how an applicant can enter command Garud force. How To Join Garud Commando Force

control the Garud force is known as the last fragmented strength possibly observed in 2004. The decision to build a new force with force control in 1080 was taken in 2003 after the Air Force felt the need for its own special force and reduce dependence on the special forces of the army. Its purpose is to appease and deal with an emergency of terrorist threats and respond to them. With search and rescue, combat, handling against insurgencies are the work of this unit. According to sources, the Garud force was deployed in Congo as a holding force of peace.
Garud’s basic selection commands are by two processes. The process is the basis of the commission. For vacancies NCOs, flyers and selection process for the position of Manager, learners ground service of GDOC.

No commissioner Post – Garud selection is done directly and not voluntary, through the Airmen Centers section. Recruitment begins for the release of the notification/advertisement. The interesting thing is that there is no second chance for the section. That means it’s now or never. And after the selection, you have to grade during their training program. And if not, you’re out. After completion of the training, trainees are based in force. After joining the force it is in this stream until it is served in the Indian Air Force.
Posts charge of post – Commissioner for Garud units are occupied by land rights Cadet Air Force Academy, Dundigal. And GDOC has an AFCAT examination. After getting training, they enter the Garud unit.
Regarding training, the initial phase of the training takes place in the training center Garud regiment Hindan. The next stage of training is given by a jury of members of the army form, GSN, strength and special paramilitary force border. Along with this, these men are trained in the parachute training school, Naval School of Diving School and the Army War jungle. And the final phase met with the Special Forces units of the army.

Special Forces play a crucial role in the security of India. And with the rise of the attraction for the armed forces, Garud also saw an increase in applicants. Candidates preparing for AFCAT had the opportunity to serve in Garud and be part of this group.

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