How to Improve Responses of Situation Reaction Test (SRT)?

Psychology is the most important aspect for SSB for any of the defence aspirant. It deals with the unconscious and subconscious mind of the people so aspirants haven’t any option of modifying responses. within the internet, I even have seen the buzz where people are practicing and appreciating responses of others.

This won’t be a good [practice as it can influence personality. I even have also seen aspirants changing their natural responses if they like others responses. So beware of all this and don’t follow it.

You have to be alert on of these issues and see that your personality is only reflected in whatever you are doing at SSB. Be very specific for this in psychology. during this article, i will be able to try to help aspirants on how to tackle the SRT’s. the subsequent can help:

Improve Responses of Situation Reaction Test (SRT):

  • Be brief in your solutions
  • Also, there could be some questions repeated to examine consistency, just maintain that and don’t show different solutions at such places which give the essence of fakeness.
  • Also answer for one individual won’t be correct for one individual because you ought to remember that through these answers you’ve got to prove your qualities what you really have in you. So answers might be same but you ought to judge that you simply possess it or not.
  • Be realistic and practical together with your answers
  • Be truthful and don’t attempt to fake as you’re being tested at various places for an equivalent quality or say that very same quality should begin of your acts so never try to conceal anything.
  • Make a note of this that you simply cannot leave any situation unhandled but you’ve got to provide an answer that’s feasible by a human being not by a super hero.
  • Your solutions and qualities could be discussed at the conference by all the officers once they get together. in order that they should get the same person as it is when they undergo the personality assessment.
  • Also, it’s suggested that you simply can refer books but should get your solutions assessed that whether or not they match your personality or not. Books only provide sample solutions.
  • Try to attempt as many questions as you would like and don’t attempt to escape situations. That simply means you’re thinking too much and responding by faking results
  • Read the situation properly before answering to know the context of the place.
  • The quality of response matters not the quality, but this doesn’t give the freedom to think and write less. You score for more you write the answers rightly.

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