How to Forgive Someone Who Hurt You in a Relationship: 15 Ways

The secret to happiness in a married existence is to forgive and move past your partner’s unpleasant mistakes. There are hitches in any relationship, even the one between a man and a woman, for a variety of reasons.

Did your spouse deceive you? Did they mislead you? And has this left you constantly feeling upset and depressed?

It’s critical to acknowledge that humans are fallible and flawed. Their humanity stems from that. Any couple that adheres to this school of thought will be able to forgive their spouse regardless of the cause they may have injured you.

In a relationship, how can you forgive someone who has harmed you? These are some useful comparisons for building a stronger and better relationship.

Why is it so hard to forgive someone?

It can be challenging to forgive someone who has wronged or let us down since we could find it impossible to get over these emotions. Any reminder of these emotions may prevent you from moving past the things that have wounded you in the past.

Our ego can occasionally get in the way of our ability to forgive someone. Even if this is incorrect, by forgiving someone, we acknowledge their actions or downplay the traumatic past.

How to pardon someone who refuses to apologize

Forgiving someone who has wronged you presents a challenge since, occasionally, they may not truly apologize. However, since studies have indicated that harboring resentment might have a detrimental effect on one’s health, you shouldn’t base your forgiveness on this.

Recall that you are forgiving yourself if you are attempting to pardon someone who isn’t sorry. Don’t let another person’s acknowledgement influence your ability to forgive; studies have shown that forgiveness can enhance both your mental and physical well-being.

15 strategies for forgiving someone who hurt you

You’re already headed in the right direction if you’re attempting to discover how to forgive someone who has wronged you in a relationship. It signifies your will to put the unpleasant experience behind you and turn your life around.

The following actions will help you learn how to forgive a partner who has wronged you:

1. Take care of yourself first.

You have an impulse to inflict the same harm on your spouse that they have done to you. On the other hand, this could lead to even more relationship problems.

You have to forgive them for your own mental health and well-being, if not for your relationship. The more grievances you harbor against your partner for their errors, the more mental strain you will cause yourself. You don’t deserve this, so please pardon them for you.

2. Recognize what took place and the reasons it hurt.

Consider the event that caused you pain and distress. Recognize that it happened and find out why it caused you pain. It can be a long-standing issue that you find unpleasant about yourself and that your partner’s actions have reflected back to you.

To reach the point where a solution may be found, the occurrence must be reevaluated. To be able to forgive your partner fully, you can examine why what they did wronged you.

3. Mutual acceptance

Accepting particular habits from your partner is another method to help yourself forgive them for hurting you. You become aware of certain behaviors in someone you enter into a committed relationship with.

Long-term relationships lead to increased acclimatization to your partner’s behavior under various conditions. Early conflicts and clashes in a relationship expose the character and approach to problem-solving of the other partner.

In order to avoid more arguments, it is advisable to accept some things if a particular behavior does not alter and the same issues continue to arise. You won’t be as irritated by your partner’s certain behaviors and will be able to forgive them and go on.

4. Don’t go to bed angry

Some people might believe that sleeping it off is the best course of action after a disagreement with a partner who has harmed you since you are too angry to talk to them.

On the other hand, it has been discovered that sleeping when upset prevents you from getting a stress-free night’s rest and alters your brain activity during the whole thing.

You will also feel just as angry, if not more so, the following morning when you wake up.

By talking about it right away, you both gain a clearer understanding of the situation and start feeling better sooner. So, if you find yourself in a similar situation again, make sure to discuss it with someone before turning in for the night. This will result in a speedy resolution of the issue.

5. Exercise patience

It might be better not to force yourself to feel better by forgiving your lover. It has to occur when it’s ready. You are hurt, so be patient with the process and give yourself permission to feel whatever emotions are expected of you.

Greater issues could arise if you extend forgiveness before completely understanding and embracing the circumstances. The potential for uncontrollably suppressed emotions and sentiments to eventually explode at the wrong moment is one of their difficulties.

6. Own your emotions

Your emotions are unique to you. You have the power to decide how uncomfortable a situation makes you feel. It will be simpler for you to feel better and ultimately forgive your partner for their faults if you can better control your anger.

7. Take care of yourself

It might be mentally difficult to try to comprehend how to forgive someone who continually hurting you, so allow yourself some space.

Make an effort to heal yourself so that you may properly evaluate and respond to the circumstances. It can also assist you in distinguishing between forgetting and forgiving. Walking away from your harmful relationship for a while is a part of this self-care.

8. Be patient with yourself

You may receive a lot of advice from others on how to forgive someone you love, but all of it should take your unique situation and personality into account.

Give yourself some time to acknowledge and process your feelings if you don’t think you’re mentally prepared to forgive your partner. Things can get worse if you push yourself to forgive someone before you’re ready.

9. Express your emotions

Relationship counseling places a strong emphasis on the value of having appropriate conversations with your partner, particularly when you’re wounded.

Expressing your feelings and what has wounded you is a crucial part of forgiving. It enables the other person to see things from your point of view and see their mistakes. You’ll probably be able to forgive them more easily once you believe they comprehend your situation.

10. Decide to pardon

When someone truly hurts you, forgiveness does not always come easily. Every day, you will need to make a conscious choice to forgive them.

It would be ideal if you realized that you will not gain anything by harboring resentment, therefore choose to forgive them. If the error is too great for you to accept, you can still choose to be forgiving and think about quitting the relationship as a self-defense measure.

11. Look for assistance

Speak with trusted individuals if you’re having trouble processing your damaged feelings. They may assist you in comprehending your situation and figuring out a healthy way to handle it.

You can learn from your friends and family why and how forgiveness is achievable for the sake of your mental well-being or the connection.

12. Pay attention to the here and now

You will never be able to move on to a better future if you keep living in the past.

Being forgiven releases you from worrying about things that may have happened in the past and enables you to put more emphasis on the here and now. It could obstruct your current access to healthier options.

13. Express gratitude for the positive

If you choose to find gratitude in all your partner does well, you can create space for forgiveness. It could assist you in seeing how little the error is compared to the enormous benefits your partner provides to your life.

14. Put things in writing

Spend some time writing out your thoughts and the reasons that forgiving someone else might be a better course of action for you. It will be cathartic for you to let go of the hurt or unjust feelings while also improving your understanding of your emotions.

15. Attempt to show empathy

Even if our intentions are pure, we are all prone to making mistakes from time to time. Thus, make an effort to understand your partner and the circumstances that may have contributed to their error.

Can I really let go of someone who has wronged me?

“Should I forgive him for hurting me?” is a common question, but the first concern is generally if forgiveness is even possible. Is it possible for us to forgive someone who has actually harmed us?

It is possible to fully forgive someone even after they have caused you pain, but it requires a great deal of self-control and awareness. This does not imply, however, that you entirely forget about it; rather, it simply indicates that you decide to put the unpleasant memories behind you and begin a new relationship.

Concluding remarks

You do not have to forget your partner’s transgressions in order to forgive them. It’s critical to realize that this has nothing to do with getting even with your partner or seeking revenge. You can always find a way to forgive someone you love.

It will strengthen your relationship and be beneficial to your physical and emotional well-being to take the above-mentioned actions.