How to Do Good in Progressive Group Task of GTO?

GTO has about nine activities conducted under one head and all activities are vital to test the OLQ’s present in the candidate. There are different ways to handle all different activities. In this article we will consider the ways that can be helpful for getting PGT successfully done. PGT as the name suggests is a task where a set of obstacle is presented in front of the candidate, which has four levels generally and as per the nature as you succeed in crossing tasks and move to the next, the tasks start gets tougher.

There would be a definite set of rules that needs to be followed as instructed by the educator at the very morningAlso the situation is made tougher by providing certain load and imposing colour conditions that will be easily elaborated by the GTO. Also some helping material is provided by the GTO to move ahead and succeedHelping material includes balli, plank and rope. The GTO looks for the following in this round:

  • Quickly getting the solution for the given problem.
  • Getting not only yourself but your team through the hurdle.
  • Ability to work in the team.
  • Ability to convince group to a common solution or getting acceptance for your solution.
Remember to follow the rules as that can prove fatal if you don’t do so; also follow the following tips that can prove helpful:
  • Remember to use the helping material completely as that’s given to make some structures that can take you forward.
  • Follow out bound rulesgroup rules, and colour rules told in the beginning strictly. There might be instances when the GTO would analyse and seek clarifications that a rule wasn’t being followed. Since the GTO keeps a keen eye on everyone, it’s always better to accept the mistake and repeat the tasks.
  • Never try to force group with your ideas. This is a collective task that needs to be done with intelligence,.
  • Your part is to just give ideas that group readily accepts.
  • This test is a test to look the group coordination and no individual assessments are valid here.
  • Never look at the assessors what they’re doing; you should be busy in solving the problems given rather than noting what assessors are doing.
  • PGT has a limited time and that has to be used to cross the four barriersnever get stuck to a ideatry it and directly change to other workable idea if some idea isn’t working.
  • Your behaviour is the thing that can change the chances for you, never be aggressive whatever the situation is, just keep trying and work hard to take all the team members together.

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