How To Cultivate Office of Land Quality OLQ’s In Yourself ?

How To Cultivate the Office of Land Quality OLQ’s In Yourself?

SSB recommends a candidate who has or may have traits that 15 is called as official as qualities (of OLQ). Often you can deal with the question “Do you,” referring to a book or even advertisements. This means that if you have 15 OLQ in yourself. The test SSB OLQ of a candidate. 15 are character traits that an individual must possess to be a successful military officer.

The decade of the 15 are OLQ

Effective intelligence
Thinking Skills
Organizational capacity
Social adaptability
Sense of responsibility
Speed of decision
Ability to influence
How you cultivar OLQ

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Tips Thematic Perception Test:

Earlier, I wrote about how to improve your personality through several tips that do not refer to one of OLQ. Here we will discuss how we can develop each of OLQ in ourselves.

Effective Intelligence: Requires a practical approach to life. Try to solve all problems by itself without waiting for anyone. In doing so, it can have such practical intelligence that can find a solution for everything.

Thinking Skills: We need to be able to find a reason for everything. It also refers to its ability to solve various complex situations. Practice pays much here.

Organizational skills: You can develop this quality, participating in various competitions such as theater, plays, etc. Try to volunteer for stage decorations, etc. At home too, try to have an organized lifestyle.

Storytelling: This requires much practice. You can know everything, but poor communication skills ruin your chances. So try to improve their oral skills in a way that also organized the priority to the issue. This approach is critical to the performance of its luster in SSB and even in other interviews as well. Here to improve their language too. You must be able to speak clearly, refined English. Regular practice is essential to have the correct pronunciation and speaking. Try to speak English whenever possible. Speak to men who have good speaking skills, have a good dictionary and of course, listen to the news and songs in English.

Social adaptability: This requires your sincere cooperation. Try to meet and talk with people. Try to throw your shyness. Try to make friends with the unknown (not anti-social). Always try to start a conversation with someone. Be willing to sacrifice personal comfort for the sake of the group. Try to be an active participant in all school activities, college or organization to which he belongs.

Cooperation: In this case, follow the instructions above. But here we must be willing to associate with a person known to the United Nations. Try to be sociable and adaptable. No pulling your leg is a must.
Accountability: You must always be prepared to accept responsibility. SSB is no place for irresponsible idiots. You should be happy and should always be prepared to fulfill their mission at any cost, even at school, or even in the NCC army (for service personnel).

Initiative: Always take an initiative for all. Effective leadership by taking an initiative. Then you will be surprised to find that people start to follow as flutist mice after. SSB always want a person who is always willing to take the initiative and try to complete this task. The initiative is the most important quality of a leader.

Self-confidence: confidence is essential for success. Believe in yourself, your abilities. They think that nothing can prevent the achievement of your goal. But remember that not only is a distance between the hair shaft on trust and confidence. During the trust will ruin. But trust yourself and perform all the tasks assigned to it. Participation in competitions undoubtedly increases your confidence level.

Speed of decision: A commander in the field should be able to make quick decisions in the short term. You should be able to take rapid and effective decisions at the right time. Play games like chess improve their decision faster decision-making skills. Or play wargame like Call of Duty, etc, will certainly decrease your time to make a decision. However, you should have a good vision of the future. Try to think of the drawbacks and advantages before doing anything. Then a decision will be the perfect take.

Ability to influence: It needs a strong personality. You should be able to invoke inspiration across the world because of his personality. You can read my previous article on the personality to improve your personality. Remember that all great leaders possess inspiring individuals.

Vivacity was always active and cheerful. Nobody likes a lazy person. Remember that an idle mind is the devil’s workshop (please do not misinterpret the spirit ideal J). Try to be an active participant in all activities (only enjoyable activities J).

Determination: Here, you may have to read a lot. Because reading biographies of many brave patriots certainly invoke great determination for you. Remember the determination is the key to success. The determination can also be cultivated to participate in competitions.

Courage: This is the innate quality of a. But an individual can easily be cultivated. should not be afraid of anything in the world (please do not exceed this lack of fear of accidents, personal safety). real value can be cultivated with determination and confidence. Go ahead, nothing can stop you. Every time you feel fear, remember the courage of our heroes as lieutenant Saurabh Kalia, Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Netaji, Vakkom Abdul Khader, Vikram Batra, etc. Always keep in mind that a brave die once, while a coward dies many times in his life.

Resistance: This is the SSB OLQ giving some concessions. But nevertheless, it should stay fit and strong by doing regular exercises, playing games doors, etc. Try to develop biceps and hip muscles that will be useful in SSB.
Dear candidates, it is understood that the tests made SSB are designed in such a way that it reveals its true personality and characters who are trying to hide. SSB is not a contest. Our jawans are so simple and true following the instructions of their blindly and it is important commanders to ensure that they are directed by a person deserves. The best way to deal with obstacles remains SSB is normal, natural, honest and friendly throughout their stay in the SSB. Even if you have none of these qualities, you can try to develop in you. Good luck to everyone. Office of Land Quality

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