How to Choose the Right Music for Your Wedding Day

But choosing the music for your ideal day requires careful consideration, just like choosing other elements of the ceremony.

The following are some things to remember:

1. Introduction

Of course, you want to have lovely music playing to set the tone before the ceremony when your guests arrive and are seated. People will be happy to see each other and will be talking quite a bit when this music is playing because there is always a lot of hustle and bustle at this time of day. It’s crucial to keep this in mind and exercise caution when making decisions that can be overly invasive. Most Los Angeles weddings are best served with light classical music. Attending a lot of Los Angeles wedding venues will probably expose you to pieces like Bach’s Arioso or Schubert’s Ave Maria, which are typically performed on the piano or guitar.

2. Prior to Procession

Presumptuous wedding settings can benefit from pre-processional music after everyone is seated and the ceremony is about to start. It’s not necessary at all weddings, but for the bride and groom, it adds even more significance to the ceremony. Select songs that seamlessly transition into the following section of the ceremony if you decide to include pre-processional music. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face by Roberta Flack is a common wedding song option.

3. Procedure-oriented

The music played here is the ideal method to highlight your shared musical preferences as a pair as the bride, her father, flower girls, and bridesmaids walk down the aisle. The location of your wedding greatly influences your choice of music, unlike some other aspects of your wedding day. Most Los Angeles wedding venues use Clair de Lune or Peter Gabriel’s The Book of Love as part of their processional repertoire.

4. Signing up

The signing of the register comes next on the agenda after you’ve exchanged vows. It’s a somewhat brief portion of your wedding day—usually lasting ten minutes or so—but it still offers a fantastic chance to play amazing music. As with the prelude, make sure the music you select for the recessional part of the service doesn’t interfere with the music that’s playing as you and your partner leave the church. You can choose, but most weddings feature a soloist performing hits like The Prayer by Josh Groban and Charlotte Church or God Only Knows by the Beach Boys.

5. Declining

This is the official end of the ceremony, thus this should be a really joyful and lively recessional piece of music. After all, your closest friend and you have become husband and wife, your loved ones will be shedding happy tears, and everyone is now anticipating the festivities at the reception. Make sure you don’t choose mellow, romantic music for this portion of your day in order to really turn it up. Instead, pick musical selections that will inspire and prepare you, your partner, and all guests for a great time. Select tunes like Natalie Cole’s classic song This Will Be (An Everlasting Love) or Vivaldi’s Spring for an assured good time.

6. Reception

You’ll need background music as the reception starts, as guests start to wind down. It’s crucial that the music selection complements the location of your wedding. A range of musical selections are frequently made for this portion of the day at numerous weddings in Los Angeles. The greatest music selection for weddings done in opulent wedding locations is thought to be classical. Pick something more contemporary, like Michael Buble’s Everything, or a classic, like Bach’s Cantata No. 208, if you really want to make an amazing first impression on your audience.

7. The First Dance

There is little doubt that the first dance song on your wedding day is the most carefully considered of all the songs. Don’t worry even if you two don’t have a song that is exclusively yours. It’s likely that you’ll find the ideal song for your first dance if you browse through the extensive selection and pay close attention to the words. Choose a song that is appropriate for the occasion, such Christina Perri’s A Thousand Years or Des’Ree’s Kissing You, as you will be enjoying a leisurely, slow dance to it.