How to Be Independent While Married

When you hear the phrase, “How important is independence in a marriage?” what comes to mind? How can you be independent while dating? or what it takes to be a strong woman in a relationship? and how to maintain your independence while dating?

Is it really feasible to learn how to maintain your independence when married, or is it simply a pipe dream.

Independent living while married

The capacity to be free from outside control can be used to define the state of independence. You can discover your uniqueness and feel liberated in this stage.

When we apply this idea to a marriage or relationship, we see that being independent when married or being independent in a relationship involves achieving the capacity to not rely on your spouse or significant other for survival.

Marriage independence involves leveraging your separation from your spouse to deepen your bond rather than simply sustaining it.

An independent wife is driven to look for her husband’s happiness as well as her own. They take pride in not being a burden on their spouse and put their interests, pastimes, and financial independence first.

Despite the fact that many people think of marriage as a situation when a person loses their independence and depends on their partner. However, the reality is that you are only reliant on those close to you when you lack confidence in your ability to make independent life decisions.

Therefore, for a marriage to succeed, both you and your spouse must make an effort to maintain your individuality while yet learning from one another.

Here are some pointers on how to be more independent while still maintaining a close relationship with your spouse:

Alone time

Everyone could use a little alone time every now and then. Time spent by yourself may be restorative, therapeutic, and a terrific way to pursue your interests and hobbies.

You get the chance to examine your feelings and thoughts and reestablish contact with yourself when you spend time alone.

Time spent with your partner can become much more valuable to you both after spending time alone. But it can be hard to figure out how to make time for oneself. As a result, you would need to be more disciplined about how you use your time.

Establish a schedule, but don’t neglect the other important aspects of life just to find more alone time.Start by setting aside 30 minutes each day for yourself, and if you need more time, add it gradually.


Numerous health advantages can be obtained via daily meditation, according to studies. Meditation has been shown to reduce stress, improve mood, and increase self-esteem.

A excellent example of a self-indulgent pastime that doesn’t cost money or need you to leave your home is meditation.

Even only 15 minutes a day of meditation can help you escape your obligations and give you a well-deserved break from your partner’s constant company.

Go for a drive

According to research, a lot of people say they enjoy their daily commute to work because they get to spend time by themselves in their automobiles and have the chance to listen to the radio.

Adding a few extra minutes and taking the scenic route home from work can be fantastic ways to carve yourself some alone time if you need it.

A leisurely method to check in with yourself without regularly putting too much distance between you and your lover is to go on a long drive.

Think ahead.

Planning ahead and keeping track of your self-care obligations can improve your health and help you set out time for yourself on a regular basis.

For instance, working out right before or right after work can indicate that your exercise regimen is tied to your schedule.

Your ability to routinely fit in alone time without sacrificing time with your spouse can be improved by having a schedule that doesn’t disrupt your day.

When you put off doing your everyday chores, you might discover that you have to spend more time away from your spouse than you would if it were just a regular part of your day.

Manage your finances

Developing financial independence is one of the most crucial strategies for maintaining independence in a marriage. Understanding your finances can not only help you live a secure life, but it will also set a great example for your children.

You need to start budgeting your money, whether you work outside the home or stay at home, and set away some of it specifically for yourself.

Here’s how to achieve financial freedom while married and maintain your independence:

1. Open a unique account

Keeping a secret account that your spouse is unaware of is not harmful. This enables you to be ready for any unanticipated events.

2. Keep a record of your expenditures

Setting up a budget and identifying your most wasteful spending would be the first step in keeping track of your finances.

Be thorough and don’t disregard any purchases. This would also assist you in avoiding typical financial blunders.

3. Put your money to work –

Even though investing may seem like a significant risk, you can make smart choices with the right information and guidance. Start as soon as you can because the more you wait, the harder it is to let go of the fear.

Ask a financial professional for assistance so they can help you weigh the risks and advantages. Learn about fresh investing opportunities as well.

4. Participate in family financial decision-making

Even if you don’t provide for your family’s needs financially, you still need to know how much money is coming in and where it is being spent.

Assist your spouse in having open discussions about the family’s finances and in beginning to set manageable financial objectives.

Being independent while married means being the version of yourself that you want to be, not the version that your partner desires. Respect your partner’s uniqueness for what it is, not despite it.

Maintaining your uniqueness provides your partnership a sense of strength and endurance.