How Rom-Coms Screw Our Relationships

Most romantic films center on two individuals who are meant to be together. They are forced together by the cosmos, and then everything magically comes together. They come to the realization that they belong together and are in love at the film’s conclusion. Does that actually occur, though? No. Relationships don’t just happen; you don’t be told by the cosmos who you should be with or what their name is. Relationship building and maintenance require work; it’s not only about the excitement and passion—you also need to be diligent and dedicated.

It makes sense that this element is rarely given much attention on screen because people watch movies to have fun rather than to learn about serious issues in real life. Despite giving the impression of being a harmless and joyful part of our lives, movies unintentionally distort the way we view relationships. Romantic comedies unfairly elevate our expectations for relationships by giving us a rush of glamour and adrenaline that we can’t help but aspire to in real life.

The following are some implausible romantic concepts that have long been promoted by popular rom-coms:

1. Love changes people

Hollywood has produced a great deal of films in which a bad boy falls in love with a decent girl and transforms into her ideal version of himself. The main male character in well-known films such as Ghost of Girlfriends Past, Made of Honor, and 50 First Dates is a manipulator by nature, until he meets the female he is destined to be with. The girl forgets all about his previous demeanor and decides to date him when he changes into this overly affectionate and sensitive person.

Nothing could be further from the truth in actuality. For a very long time, these kinds of films have been ruining the romantic lives of countless young ladies. Individuals don’t alter for anyone but themselves. True, there are many who would act differently in an attempt to capture their partner’s heart, but those relationships are short-lived.

2. Bonding with a sexual partner

This layout is quite common in the modern era. Individuals engage in physical intimacy with friends with whom they do not share a special bond, and this does not affect their romantic connection in any way. However, the male and female leads in films like Friends with Benefits and No Strings Attached are friends who get into a sexual relationship without experiencing romantic sentiments, but they eventually fall in love. People get the idea from this that people who become sex friends eventually fall in love. Many young individuals consent to this kind of friend-for-sex arrangement with the expectation that their buddy will eventually develop feelings for them. However, that might not occur, in which case they might be devastated at the moment.

3. A partnership with someone who takes advantage of you to enrage their ex

Making their ex jealous by becoming closer to someone else is one of the many strategies used by people to win their ex back. They only act like they do and put on a show for their ex, never really getting together with the other person. There is nothing here for the other person to benefit. However, films such as Addicted to Love and A Lot Like Live demonstrate how the main couple falls in love with one other while acting as though they are in a relationship. With this information in hand, those who are secretly in love decide to join in on this fake game. They may feel wounded since they are unaware that their friend may never feel the same way about them.

These are a few typical love movie clichés that have led us astray from the ideals of what true relationships ought to entail. This leaves us with needless painful experiences as well as disappointment and hatred. Keep your expectations in check and avoid letting romantic relationships become complicated by movies.