How Long Is the Savannah River From Start to End?

The Savannah River is a rich water source that offers many wildlife species’ habitats as well as drinking water to cities. It shares borders with three states and has historically provided transportation, irrigation, food, and water to enable populations to thrive. Though the Savannah River is significant, how long does it run from beginning to end? How does it compare to other rivers and where does it end?

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Important Points

The length of the Savannah River ranges between 301-312 miles. It runs into the Atlantic Ocean from the Blue Ridge Mountains.
Numerous magnificent species, such as alligators and manatees, call it home.
It creates a border between Georgia and South Carolina by nature.
Does the Savannah River Have a Length?

The Savannah River divides South Carolina and Georgia. Experts estimate its length to be between 301 and 312 miles, starting at the headwaters of the Appalachian Mountains in the Blue Ridge Mountains and ending at an estuary on the Atlantic Ocean about 15 miles downstream from Savannah City. Its 10,577 square mile watershed is fed by the Tuglaloo and Chattooga Rivers, as well as runoff from the mountains.

Is the Savannah River Important?

Indeed, this is a significant canal. The river treats waste water and supplies drinking water to 1.4 million people in Savannah and Augusta. Coastal communities like Hilton Head and Beaufort depend more on the estuary for their drinking water as the Atlantic Ocean forces more saltwater into it.

Because it offered food, water, and transportation throughout the colonial era, the Savannah River estuary area played a crucial role in history. This river has been used to move people and products over 200 miles through mountains, woods, swamps, farmland, creeks, and marshes thanks to dams, locks, and dredging projects over the years.

On a map, where is the Savannah River located?

The northernmost spring originates in the Appalachian Mountains and ends close to Georgia’s Tybee Island.

How Deep Is It?

From beginning to end, the Savannah River is 301-312 miles long, with a maximum depth of 105 feet. It winds southward to the Atlantic, averaging a depth of 10 to 40 feet.

Is the Savannah River the Longest River In Georgia?

The Savannah River may sound epically long at 301-312 miles, yet it isn’t by far Georgia’s longest river.

The Chattahoochee River, which stretches 430 miles, is the longest river in Georgia. This river empties into Lake Seminole from the southern Appalachian Mountains. With a length of about 344 miles, the Flint River is the second longest. Finally, the Savannah River comes in third.

The Ogeechee River, which is 294 miles long, comes in fourth place, while the Coosa River, which is 280 miles long, is the fifth longest river in Georgia.

In the United States of America?

And what about the United States as a whole? How much does our river compare?

The Mississippi River is the longest river in the United States, spanning 2,340 miles. With 2,466 miles of the Missouri River, it’s a close race. It is only 126 miles long!

And the world?

With a length of 4,160 miles, the African Nile is undoubtedly the longest river in the world, surpassing the 301-312 miles of the Savannah River.

What Lives In The Savannah River?

There is a lot of water and a variety of ecosystems for species within the span of just over 300 miles. Sadly, the river is filthy, making swimming in it dangerous. Additionally, traffic can make it dangerous at specific places. However, from the mountains to the estuary, animals have called this place home. The 28,168-acre Savannah National animals Refuge, which is close to Savannah City, protects a wide variety of animals.

The following is a list of some of the creatures that call the Savannah River home:

  • American alligators
  • Bald eagles
  • Osprey
  • Wood storks
  • Great horned owls
  • Manatee
  • Armadillo
  • River otters
  • Eastern diamondback rattlesnake
  • Opossum

Providing much food for these species (and sport for anglers) is an incredible array of fish. The 301-312 mile long Savannah River contains American eel, striped bass, trout, and catfish, too!