Here It Is Ladies, Why Men Lie To You!

As you read this, you are either 1) expressing a strong dislike for what I am going to say, or 2) expressing a belief that I am correct and a want for further information. Which side of the fence you are on may depend on your level of confidence as well as your gender. Yes, confidence, and I will discuss it now.

Men must first have the courage to be honest at any costs! Yes, we need to remain tough, dig deep, and be honest despite the things that our female counterparts may say! Ladies, you must take control and learn to accept reality. It’s possible that some women are wondering, “What are you saying, Greg? I can take honesty!” I can practically feel the stress rising. You prepare to launch a verbal assault in retaliation, eyes and mouth snarling.

It’s hard for men to handle your defenses.

Yes, they can’t manage your defensive moves, which is the main reason, if not the main reason, why guys lie to you. Yes, that’s exactly how you become defensive, try to get a tit for tat, and begin yelling and screaming at the one thing that you really want from men: complete honesty.

I can take that in stride because I am aware that not all women become extremely defensive when their partner is being honest. Despite the fact that many women will frequently lash out, begin beating, and tear their man apart just for being honest. Ladies, take a guess. To get out of these circumstances, men lie. Once more, I do not support these male behaviors! I’m attempting to support you and your partner in being absolutely honest with one another—even though it hurts like crazy!

During couple’s sessions, I notice a lot of men’s anxiety and “oh shit” expressions on their faces when I suggest, “Go ahead, be honest.” They’d rather hide and flee! Not only are they unprepared for their lady’s rage and attacks, but they also find it difficult to damage their sentiments. For the same reasons, it took me a long time to be totally honest with women. Yes, I am the love guru, relationship, and sex expert in Detroit. Go ahead and calculate!I didn’t want to witness the pain or experience the sensation of being torn apart for the exact thing they would demand.

To be honest, you need to have confidence.

I’ve reached the point where, no matter what, I’m going to stand up and be honest because I have confidence in my own qualities and in myself! Now, there’s a difference between being honest and mean! Never minimize, mock, or denigrate others! I tried my hardest to be honest, even though I knew it would make a woman angry or hurt her feelings. Once more, this was not my goal! I was trying to be sincere. That is, after all, what women want.

I realize that hearing a man be honest with you may cause you great pain, ladies. the veracity of his thoughts or feelings. In my book The Relationship Guide: Tools to Ignite Love & Intimacy, I even discussed emotional maturity. It’s not simple, and I completely get that. However, if you really want your partner to be honest with you, model the resilience to accept the truth—or, in this case, practice what you preach. Consider this. If your partner answers you no when you inquire, “Do I please you sexually?” This will hurt like the dickens. For us males, it would and does work as well. Is it possible for you to reach the point where you wish to become the greatest he’s ever had?

Hearing the truth requires self-assurance and maturity. Particularly when it strikes at the very foundation of who you are as a woman. I do understand and completely comprehend it. Guys, you have to realize that your woman is maturing and learning to be open to hearing the truth from you. Keep trying! Have patience.