Greatest Love Stories You Want to Read Over and Over Again | Love Stories Books

You’ll never be alone if you enjoy reading and watching movies! And nothing could be better than to read a book while curled up in bed or front of the fireplace. If it’s love stories you’re looking for, this article will give you a sneak peek at the top ten most romantic tales ever. Try some of them if you’re looking for a decent book or movie, and your heartstrings will undoubtedly be pulled.

1. Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet from Shakespeare are essentially the “love mascots” of all time. But do you actually own the book or have you ever seen the movie? In that case, it’s time to catch up on the Montague and Capulet families’ history.

The two lovers are caught in a hopeless web of familial rejection, and the drama and tragedy that surrounds such events makes for a really interesting tale.

2. The Thorn Birds

The Thornbirds will take you to the Clearys’ Australian sheep ranches if you want to experience life in a more contemporary environment. Meggie, the family’s daughter, develops feelings for Father Ralph de Bricasset, the parish priest. His calling seems to have doomed their hopeless love for one another. In this sweeping family drama, Maggie marries Luke O’Neill in an effort to stifle her true love, but devastating results are unavoidable.

3. Doctor Zhivago

Given that it takes place during both the Russian Revolution and the First World War, this timeless love story by Boris Pasternack will provide you with a solid introduction to Russian history and culture. Although he is still married to his wife Tonya, doctor and poet Yuri Zhivago falls in love with married nurse Lara. Everyone suffers under difficult wartime conditions, especially Doctor Zhivago. As this tragic story’s twists and turns play out, you’ll be enthralled.

4. Redeeming Love

The novel Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers is set in California in the nineteenth century. It is the captivating tale of a woman by the name of Angel. She is filled with resentment and bitterness since she has been exploited and abused since she was a young child. Amazingly, she is pursued by Michael Hosea who, in spite of her rejection, rage, and terror, actually loves her and marries her. Angel learns about God’s atoning love as this profoundly transformative tale progresses, and this realization heals her heart.

5. Gone With The Wind

Classic and divisive historical romance Gone With The Wind features Scarlett O’Hara, one of many colorful characters. It takes set in the South during the Civil War and features many tragedies, comedies, catastrophes, and victories. Along for the voyage with the stunning, ambitious, and clever Scarlett and her two sisters will be this bestselling love story’s many marriages.

6. Sense and Sensibility

Jane Austen expertly weaves the account of the lives of two sisters, their family, and friends into a timeless love story. Marianne Dashwood and Elinor Dashwood represent sense and sensibility, respectively. As they overcome one setback after another—from their father’s passing and the loss of their inheritance to the perplexing fickleness of various suitors—their personalities are revealed. As they finally arrive at a point where their lives can make sense, savor the ride.

7. Pride and Prejudice

If you liked Sense and Sensibility, you should love this additional gift from Jane Austen. With five sisters anxiously searching for husbands among the numerous attractive bachelors who come and go from their life, the Bennet family takes center stage this time. Pride and Prejudice, or the narrative of Darcy and Elizabeth’s improbable romance, is a fascinating and satisfying novel.

8. The English Patient

The English Patient is undoubtedly a book you should read if you like love stories set during World War II. In 1944, an English patient who is severely burned and deformed is placed in the care of a nurse named Hana in Italy. A intriguing love story from the patient’s pre-war days as a cartographer in North Africa and an affair with Katherine, his true love, emerges when he is able to relate some of his recollections. Hana might be starting her own love tale in the meanwhile.

9. Rebecca

A young girl living in Rebecca’s shadow tells the tragic love story of her life. She marries wealthy Englishman Maxim, who moves her into his home on the Manderley estate in Cornwall. The vile maid there makes her life unpleasant by frequently bringing up Maxim’s late first wife Rebecca, who passed away inexplicably. If you like romantic comedies with a twist, you could stay up till the wee hours reading this one.

10. Anna Karenina

Colorful Russian love story by Leo Tolstoy has all the makings of a gripping soap opera. The noble Anna Karenina departs for Moscow in order to aid in the reconciliation of her brother and his wife following a disastrous extramarital affair. Then the unthinkable occurs—Anna herself falls in love with another man and chooses to reject her own husband Karenin, who later declines to file for divorce. You’ll be enthralled for hours by this tragic love story.