Good Relationships Keep us Happier and Healthier

The study’s three main takeaways include:

1. Maintaining social connections is crucial

You can become physically ill from loneliness. It shortens a person’s life expectancy and might harm their health. Therefore, fostering relationships and maintaining social connections with others are crucial.

2. Relationship quality is important

The secret to living a happy and healthy life is not to be in lots of relationships. What matters is the type of link you have and the depth of your connection. The study’s participants had longer, healthier lives when they were in warm, caring partnerships. Contrarily, people who experienced frequent disagreements and arguments in their marriages have unpleasant lives and poor health.

3. Healthy connections shield our mental health

Positive outcomes from healthy and happy relationships extend beyond these two areas. Furthermore, healthy connections shield our minds. Participants who were in healthy, stable partnerships demonstrated that their minds stayed sharper longer than those who had been single or in unhealthy relationships.

Robert Waldinger concludes by emphasizing strongly the value of healthy relationships and offering the following advice:

  • to communicate with loved ones and settle disputes
  • to perform a unique activity together
  • to spend time with your loved ones rather than on social media