Funny Marriage Tips to Pep up Your Marriage

It’s likely that you visited our page in search of some clear guidance on how to strengthen your bond with your partner. Yes, we could give you some cliched advise like “be vulnerable” or “communicate better,” but where would the pleasure be in that? Let’s face it, marriage is a lifetime commitment that requires tactful handling. It would be a boring life if you took your relationship seriously every single minute of every day. Let’s lighten the mood by offering you some humorous—yet still true—advice for your lifetime partner.

Keep the bathroom door closed to keep the magic alive

You’ve undoubtedly seen one another in your birthday suits, but you don’t have to ruin those pictures by seeing intimate moments. A certain level of comfort for oneself should never be compromised. It turns out that witnessing your spouse occupy the porcelain throne is that threshold. When you think you’re about to stink up the apartment, do yourselves a favor and shut the door. It will maintain the charm of that birthday suit.

Don’t forget those three magic words

Which three words come to mind when I say this? You do, of course.

“I apologize,”

Yes, saying “I love you” is crucial, but it’s assumed that you will say that if you’re getting married. Many couch potatoes and silent treatment sessions can be avoided by being remorseful and owning up to your flaws in your relationship. Make frequent use of these terms. But don’t apologize in an attempt to diffuse the conflict. When you believe you have erred, say you are sorry. Give up your ego and tell your partner that you are sorry for what you said or did.

Make them utilize dial-up internet to discover their true identities.

Hear me out: marriage is a long-term commitment, and patience is a cornerstone of any successful union. Some of us may have forgotten what it was like in the early days of the internet in this fast-paced world when everything can be discovered on our smartphones in a matter of seconds. In addition to requiring your phone connection, dial-up internet was 145602750 times slower than the one you are now using to read this.

For this reason, I think this suggestion, credited to Will Ferrell, is fantastic. Watch them attempt to download a music, view a YouTube video, or just browse through their Facebook feed as you take a seat back. You’ve probably got a decent one if they don’t lose it, swear at the computer, and slap the monitor a few times. Keep those divorce documents handy in case they reveal a more sinister side of themselves. This might be the ultimate patience test, which is something that any long-term spouse must evaluate.

Be confident with your nighttime playthings.

No, I’m not referring to dildos, handcuffs, or lubricant. I am referring to your little reading lamps, eye masks, and earplugs. Yes, your bedroom ought to be a haven for sexual activity. However, it should also be a location you can rely on to provide you with restful sleep. People, you’re in this thing for eternity.

If all you desire is to appear good next to your spouse, then going without sleep for eternity—or at least your own definition of forever—is a long time. Time to pull out the sleeping masks and shut out the light. If your partner (or girlfriend!) snores, don’t be embarrassed to wear earplugs. If your preferred method of falling asleep is to curl up with a good book, keep that small light nearby so your significant other can drift off to sleep before the bedroom lights go out. When it’s time to turn in for the night, make a complete commitment to the process and make use of any toys or technology that will enable you to get a full eight hours of sleep.

If you must battle, engage in nude combat.

It’s inevitable that even the most peaceful of marriages will occasionally have disagreements. To keep things exciting, I propose having nude fights. Two things will make this enjoyable.

Being so transparent about oneself makes it extremely difficult to take oneself seriously. Just picture yourself trying to argue while completely nude and yelling at the top of your lungs. It is likely that you will reach a conclusion more quickly and with less vitriol than if you had attempted to spar while wearing comfortable attire.

You don’t have to waste time getting undressed for the round of make-up sex if things get heated. It can be primordial to argue, which is why make-believe sex can be so unrefined and uninhibited. Fighting while nude gets directly to the exciting part.

Use the nude guy (or woman) method if you’re in the mood for something sexy.

The Naked Man is a subtle way to surprise your partner, for those of my pals who haven’t seen How I Met Your Mother. What you do is swiftly strip so that you are entirely nude when they turn back to face you, either when they are in the other room or with their back to you.

Although the element of surprise is humorous at first, it works around two thirds of the time, as Barney Stinson in How I Met Your Mother notes. That’s a fairly decent chance for a stunt that only needs a little bravery.

These six humorous nuggets of wisdom will support you on your never-ending path of adoring your mate with all of your heart and intellect. Be brief. Have fun with it. Make it enjoyable. Acknowledge the moments of laughter when things don’t go as expected and relish the days that aren’t flawless. Having a good sense of humor is crucial when trying to save your marriage.