Funny Marriage Advice for Him

Affection is not grabbing your wife’s boobs and smacking her ass

To show your wife a good time, there is definitely a time and place for grabbing her by the ass, lifting her up, and slamming her onto the bed. To be honest, though, some of you mistake “a time and place” for spending every evening in your bedroom. You must change up your approach to closeness and sex since you have committed to a lifetime with this woman. She probably wouldn’t mind some foreplay, a back rub, or just spending the night cuddling up to each other.

Give your wife some gentle loving care instead of honking at her privates like a car horn. To set the mood, it also wouldn’t hurt to play some TLC in the background. I’ll be happy to thank you later.

Try not to engage in a serious discussion while watching “This is us.”

Just don’t do it, please. Yes, I will admit that I watch this show. It’s a fantastic one primarily because it has a very genuine and sympathetic vibe. Whether you like the show or not, your wife most likely does. If you try to interfere with her time spent with the Pearson family, you could face some very harsh criticism. For starters, you won’t benefit from interrupting her blissful period of lounging back and watching TV. Whatever you have to say won’t interest her, and you can pretty much count on her getting more irate with you than if you had just stuck your tongue out till the end credits ran.

Second, and perhaps most crucially, in contrast to Jack Pearson, the patriarch of the Pearson family, you are most likely a schmuck. Attempting to engage in “The Talk” with him while he’s on TV would simply highlight your inadequacies. Simply relax, enjoy the show (maybe even make some notes from Jack), and hold off on expressing your emotions until after it has concluded. It’s optimal for both your ego and the caliber of the discussion you hope to have.

Just give your wife a little wiggle room while creating your budget.

If you’re anything like me, you probably don’t give a damn about your plate and bowl collection, seasonal decorations, or choice of pillows. Guys are generally more straightforward and uncomplicated, but our ladies are more concerned with the aesthetics of our homes.

Just leave enough space for your wife to add some decorations, throw pillows, or new drapes without worrying about breaking the bank. I understand that your sensible side is yelling, “But we don’t need those things!” Yes, I am aware of this. Your wife will probably desire them even though we might not need them. You’ll be glad you allowed her once she does her creative magic and uses her palette of fresh décor to paint the blank canvas that is your home. This house is a home because of my wife. She always brings in these inane trinkets and ornaments, and I have no idea what they are or where they’re going. However, she uses the buy well most of the time, bringing out the best features in our house.

One of the main challenges married couples face is money, so when you create the next budget, do your relationship a favor and offer your wife a little leeway.

Establish a “Possession arrow” framework in your union.

Let me explain collegiate basketball and its notorious possession arrow to those who are unfamiliar with it. The possession arrow determines who gets to handle the ball when the two teams are hustling and fighting for possession of it but end up in a deadlock. Therefore, in the event that Team A wins a difficult stalemate and is awarded the basketball, Team B will have the chance to seize control should there be another close call for the ball.

Use the possession arrow principle in your marriage to resolve disagreements that you just can’t seem to agree on. Let’s say you don’t believe it’s a good idea for your wife to remodel the kitchen. If you are still unable to come to an agreement after outlining both of your points, the possession arrow will decide. If things are going your way right now, there is no need to renovate the kitchen. Your wife will have the last word the next time you argue and can’t come to an amicable agreement. It will provide a uniform rule that everyone will have to follow while simultaneously keeping your debates and disputes lively. Have fun debating!

Guys, marriage requires a lot of work. It may sound corny, but it’s true. The love will not endure till the day of your death, even if you say “I do” on your wedding day. You must determine what is effective for you, discard what is ineffective, and support one another continuously. Above all, let out a small laugh. You shouldn’t be scared to take yourself and your marriage less seriously because it’s a long road to travel while maintaining your composure. Have fun, be lighthearted, and have fun!