Freshwater Shrimp Prices in 2024: Purchase Cost, Colors, and More!

Freshwater prawns can be the focal point of your tank or entertaining, eye-catching additions to aquariums. Numerous alternatives are available at different pricing points.Shrimp of the ghost species are the least expensive, costing about $.59 per. Certain more specialised varieties, such as the Red Galaxy Pinto prawns, might cost $30 or more.Further details about the cost of freshwater prawns and the wide selection that will be accessible in 2024 are provided below.

Regarding Freshwater Shrimp

Freshwater prawns are divided into two major groups: Neocaridina and Caridina. Although none are very difficult to maintain, each has varied needs, and some may be better suited for novice prawn keepers than others. Neocaridinas, also known as “neos” in the hobby, are somewhat more resilient and can withstand a range of water conditions than Because caridinas are more delicate, folks with greater shrimp-keeping experience would be a better fit. Neocaridinae are most frequently known as cherry prawns and come in a variety of morphologies. Neocaridina davidi is the common species among them all.

The most frequent name for caridina shrimp is crystal shrimp. Their colour morphs are as varied as those of Neocaridinas. They are, nevertheless, somewhat more susceptible to variations in the water.

When introduced to tanks that are already established, both groups have a far higher chance of surviving. Furthermore, even if you can keep them in the same home, the two’s different reproductive appendages prevent them from breeding. As a prawn breeder, this is advantageous since it prevents the two lines from mingling.

Prices and Colours

The cost of the prawn increases with its colour and uniqueness. You can consider it a one-time purchase, though, as it’s highly possible that your shrimp will have fry or shrimplets (also known as baby shrimp) if you’re taking good care of them and paying attention to the water quality and conditions.


Neocaridinas are the best choice for novice aquarists. The cost of these freshwater prawns is usually less than that of Caridinas, and the range of colour variants is sufficient to pique the curiosity of both novice and expert aquarists.

Cherry Shrimp (Fire Red): $25 for 5

Amano Shrimp: $27.50 for 5

Carbon Rili Shrimp: $30 for 5

Black Rose Shrimp: $35 for 5

Blue Dream Shrimp: $37.50 for 5

Green Jade Shrimp: $40 for 5


These shrimp tend to be sold individually and are much more expensive than neos. However, you might prefer the appearance of these shrimp as there’s more variety and nuance in the colors and patterns.

Red Fancy Tiger Shrimp: $12 each

Shadow Masura Shrimp: $15.50 each

Extreme Black King Kong Shrimp: $18 each

Extreme Blue Bolt Shrimp: $25 each

Black Galaxy Pinto Shrimp: $25 each

Crystal Red Shrimp (CRS): $27.50 for 5

Red Galaxy Pinto Shrimp: $30 each

Dragonblood Shrimp: $50 each

Prices for freshwater prawns may appear exorbitant if you’ve never eaten prawns before. Palaemon paludosus, or ghost shrimp, are the least expensive freshwater shrimp. They retail for $.59 apiece at PetSmart. If you want to start keeping shrimp but aren’t willing to invest $5 or more per shrimp, they can be a fantastic starting point because they are usually relatively accessible.

How to Handle Freshwater Shrimp

If you keep the water clean and within the parameters that your shrimp want, you can pretty well guarantee that your shrimp will thrive. There may be additional particular criteria for each type of species, which you may find out from the vendor where you bought your prawns. Here’s a general idea of how your tank should seem for the specified attributes:


  • pH: 6.4 to 8.0
  • Water temperature: 65°F to 85°F
  • KH: 0 to 10 dKH
  • GH: 4 to 14 dKH


  • pH: 6.0 to 6.8
  • Water temperature: 64°F to 76°F
  • KH: 0 to 1 dKH
  • GH: 3 to 6 dGH

As you can see, compared to Neocaridina, Caridina species allow for far less margin for mistake. When you are choosing which kinds to stock your aquarium with, bear this in mind.

Tank Size and Cleaning

Living in groups of five or more is what both kinds of prawns desire. Ten prawns may be kept in a gallon of water with ease, but you should make sure you’re sizing up correctly if your tank contains other fish. Verify that no hostile fish are living with your prawns. If not, the fish will have access to some really pricey delicacies!

Maintaining the cleanliness of your tank is essential to the health and survival of your prawns. The suitable substrate, a heater, and a filter can assist make sure your prawns have the ideal environment for growth and potential reproduction.


Eating algae, prawns also frequently gorge on any available tank detritus. Still, you should feed your prawn pellets or algal wafers to augment their nutrition. Avoid overfeeding anything in your tank as this will quickly raise the phosphate and nitrate levels, which can be fatal to your prawns. The number of prawns and maybe other algae-eating fish, like as plecos, in your tank will determine how much food you’ll need. Feeding your prawns once a day is a good idea, but only as much as they can consume in three hours.