Frequently Asked Comprehensive Question in SSB

Frequently Asked Comprehensive Question in SSB

All interview questions SSB must respond globally. However, some of them are obvious and are invited mainly SSB. There are several things that matter in an interview. Always prepare some questions that can improve your impression of IO. These issues can be beneficial for candidates because

– Need accurate and self-knowledge
– Can be prepared in advance
– Impress the IO, if the answer is in good shape
– Based on the experience and personal practice
Now, the questions and respond to their suggestions to be included in the answers below. Applicants must go through the responses of the skeleton and part of the answer and personality.

1. Tell me something about you.
This is the question that was asked about 90% of applicants. The answer to this question should include basics about you, your university, leisure, sports and participation in extracurricular activities and achievements, etc., the response must be global and include information about you. Click here for more info on how to respond to him, “you tell me.”

2. Tell me about your family.
Here, you must declare your family. The number of members, what they do, if your income works, how it will help them in everyday work and what kind of relationships that bind with them, etc.

3. Tell me about your home.
Here you have to say about the place of residence, to tell the approximate population, historical importance or references (if applicable), school, sports, political, geographical, economic and census database.

4. How to contribute to the day to day work at home?
Be honest and clear what is done at home. Because you can test what you said and probing depth will match your statement with arguments canvassed. It is the most casual and basic issue that must be planned based on the knowledge and practical experience.

5. What are the good and bad qualities of yours?
This issue requires careful preparation and introspection of the candidate. Along with this, make a list of your good qualities and bad that they actually own and some examples of each point of justification.

6. Tell me about their level of education.
PAA their data should be followed here. He will give a brief description of their academic data, the percentage of brands, achievements in their case, etc, you mentioned in your way AAP. Reply to the model as it is written in the form AAP.

7. What are your hobbies and interests and how they contribute to them?
This question is more inclined to against-examination and survey. Your hobby should be productive and you should know the depth of his knowledge. Be honest and clear about their hobbies and interests. The counter of the missions will be based on their hobbies and their answers.

Conclusion – A candidate can not prepare for the interview in full, but some of the issues they face, of course, can be prepared with survey questions that were suggested related to them. These questions are simple and related to the personal life of the candidate, which can be easily prepared. You can be sure and have constant visual contact with the IO and meet a good impression so fluid.

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