February 2024 New Moon: Timing and Rituals

We have a new moon, or the beginning of a lunar cycle, once a month, or every 29.5 days. The new moon in February 2024 is scheduled for February 9.

It is customary to consider the previous lunar cycle and make plans for the upcoming one during new moons. A lot of people observe particular “rituals” in honour of the new moon, like making manifests, engaging in meditation, or clearing their environment of bad energy.

Every new moon has its own force and importance. Keep reading to find out about the dates and customs of the new moon in February 2024 so you can make the most of it.

Timing of February’s New Moon

The New Moon in February 2024 is scheduled for February 9 at 5:59 p.m. EST. Its force will be strongest in the few days preceding and following it, though. You won’t be able to see the moon during this time, or if you can, it will only show as the tiniest sliver.

The rebellious and giving air sign of Aquarius will host this new moon. How does this affect the group as a whole?Change, opportunity, and relationship.Now is a terrific time to accept your truest self and call in what you desire.

February 2024 New Moon Rituals

This Aquarius new moon is the ideal time to make connections with your desires and self. Here are some methods for achieving this.

Cleanse Your Space

This could look like cleaning your flat or lighting some incense to infuse some fresh air into the room, depending on your aspirations. Many will allow the winter air in via their windows, banishing any stale energies.


Reconnecting with your inner self and intuition can be achieved by spending some peaceful time alone yourself and paying attention to your breathing. You have the option to lead yourself through a meditation or to follow a guide. In any case, give top priority to your desire to break bad habits and disassociate yourself from particular results. This should assist you in being present in the here and now so that you can be who you truly are in the world.


Any wish, whether it be for a new relationship, your ideal job, or a cure for your ailment, can come true during the new moon. There are several ways to go about doing this, but my favourite is to write down and picture my perfect life with this new “manifestation” in it.

Write a letter of appreciation to someone you’re hoping to call in, say, if you’re wanting to call in a new love interest. Discuss your feelings on the activities you undertake together, such as travelling or cooking. Do they encourage you to pursue your goals? Do they have similar interests to yours? How do they make you feel loved and present? Put everything in writing as though you already know this individual.

To visualise what you want your life to look like in the upcoming month or near future, all you have to do is sit in meditation and make a sort of highlight reel or short film. Imagine the perfect day, a dream vacation, or a romantic date night. Feel the joy, thankfulness, and love you have for these blessings by tuning into your feelings and acting as though they are already yours.

Advice: If you’re feeling trapped in life but don’t know what you want, manifest clarity. Declare that you would like greater understanding of your needs and desires in life, and have faith that, if you allow it the chance to speak, your intuition will fill in the details.

Make a plan of action.

Making an action plan will help you actualize your goals more successfully, as Aquarius is a rather practical sign. Many people think that manifesting is just magic, and sometimes it does feel like magic, but there has to be some kind of deliberate action to support it.

If your aim is to write a book, for instance, make a strategy that will hold you responsible for writing for half an hour each morning. Come up with inventive ways to introduce yourself more if you wish to find your soul mate.

Cheers to the New Moon!