Explore the 8 Best Pumpkin Patches in Minnesota for a Great Fall Adventure

Are you prepared for the next major autumnal journey? You could be ready to visit the pumpkin patch if you reside in Minnesota! Pumpkin carving is a wonderful custom that appeals to all age groups! Check out this useful post to find the greatest pumpkin patches in the state before you get in your car!

1. Barten Pumpkins

Entrance Fee: Free

Owners Roman and Fran made the decision to create Barten Pumpkins in 1983 and began selling pumpkins instead of sweet corn! They have experimented with several varieties of gourds, pumpkins, and squash over the years, and they currently have forty-five available. Their pumpkins are priced between $2 and $10. Their exquisite fall harvest displays are another major attraction. In addition, they sell straw bales, corn shocks, broom corn, and more!

2. Country Sun Farm

Entrance Fee: There is no entrance fee; the price for each attraction varies.

Every season offers something to celebrate at Country Sun Farm! Annually, a large number of locals visit petting zoos, corn mazes, hay rides, and more. The younger crowd can enjoy corn pits, silly string zones, and bounce houses. Since 1975, this family-run business has been committed to giving you wonderful times with your family! The farm was founded by Richard and Eileen Bergmann, and their three sons have been running it ever since.

3. Waldoch Farm

Entry Fee: $14.99 for each individual

Season Pass: $46.00 each individual

Waldoch Farm is the ideal farm to visit if you’re searching for one that can handle it all! William and Anna Waldoch founded the family in 1916, and they started farming formally in 1919. The farm is currently run by their brother Mark, sisters Mary and Kathy, and third generation. Their knowledge and proficiency with a wide variety of plants is evident! Purchase your tickets now to take advantage of this season’s free hay wagon trips to the pumpkin patch at Joyer Adventure Farm.

4. Fresh Acres Farm

Entrance Fee: $12 per person for ages 4-69. It’s free for all other ages.

Did you know that there is a sizable sunflower field at Fresh Acres Farm? Before the Fall Festival, which takes place from September 9 to October 29, starts, you can enjoy the sunflowers. Despite having only opened in 2016, the farm has already gained a lot of popularity among the community. Their goal of bringing in locally grown food produced using non-GMO seeds has proven to be a great success. Enjoy the corn maze, slide, yard games, pumpkin patch, and more when you visit!

5. Pinehaven Farm

Friday Day Pass: $11-$17 per person

Saturday Day Pass: $13–$21 for each individual

Sunday Day Ticket: $13–$21 per individual

Season Passes: $46.66 each

This year, Pinehaven Farm is a terrific place to get a pumpkin! Despite having begun as a Christmas tree farm in the 1950s, Fall Family Fun was their new focus in 1996. We’re fortunate to be able to enjoy John and Barb Hastings’ fall masterpieces, but they originally established their farm to sell Christmas trees, wreaths, and other decorations. When combined with The Dead End Hayride, be sure to plan ahead to enjoy their Pinehaven Pumpkin Patch and Harvest Festival. Additionally, this is their busiest season!

6. Buffalo River Pumpkin Patch

Entrance Fee: $6.00 per person – one year old and younger are free

The Buffalo River Pumpkin Patch has a ton of thrilling attractions. Annual draws include duck races, games, and a petting zoo. Despite having owned the farm for close to 25 years, Mike Halvorson didn’t begin producing pumpkins there until he had been doing so for four years. In 2019, he made headlines by detailing their challenges in growing pumpkins. Fortunately, it seems like they’ve overcome it and are still doing well.

7. Lendt’s Pumpkin Patch

Entrance Fee: Free

At Lendt’s Pumpkin Patch, each pick-your-own pumpkin is just $5! You’re guaranteed to find the perfect pumpkin on their 40-acre farm. There are lots of enjoyable activities available, such as food stands and hayrides. Pets are welcome as well, as long as they are restrained! You can purchase prepicked pumpkins at different costs if you don’t feel like strolling around the field.

8. Dehns Pumpkins

Entrance Fee Monday – Friday: $8 per person

Entrance Fee Weekends: $12 per person

Even though their pumpkins only cost 40 cents a pound, you need budget extra money for each attraction. Here are some fun things to do, like the inflatable jumpers, maze, hay bale mountain, and corn pit. Additionally, they rent out tents with picnic tables for gatherings of up to 150 guests! Remember to check out their marketplace because they are well-known for their mouthwatering cheese curds and little donuts. In addition, a pony ride vendor, photo opportunities, and unique pumpkins will be available!

Overview of the Eight  Best Pumpkin Patches in Minnesota for a Great Fall Adventure

Pumpkin Patch
Barten Pumpkins
Country Sun Farm
Waldoch Farm
Fresh Acres Farm
Pinehaven Farm
Buffalo River Pumpkin Patch
Lendt’s Pumpkin Patch
Dehns Pumpkins