Explore the 15 Best Pumpkin Patches in West Virginia For a Great Fall Adventure

Autumn frequently arrives with the sounds of lively fall celebrations, vistas of brilliant golds, oranges, and reds of falling leaves, and the scents of ripened apples and chimney smoke. A classic autumnal pastime is a trip to the neighborhood pumpkin patch. To help you get ready for a fantastic fall excursion, we’ll examine the top 15 pumpkin patches in West Virginia in this post.

1. Sunset View Farms — Ballard

The Sunset View Pumpkin Patch is owned and run by the Johnson family, which consists of Kelly and Tara along with their daughter and son. The family chose to produce pumpkins two years after purchasing the farm, however it was originally established in 2014 as a cow farm for the production of beef. At that point, the notion of opening their farm to the public began to take hold.

The family established Sugar Run Pumpkin Festival, LLC in 2017. The community took to the festivities immediately. They quickly rose to the top of the state’s list of the top nine locations for pumpkin picking thanks to their event. Many fall events for families, religious groups, and school field trips are now available at the 400-acre farm.

Why is this pumpkin patch among the greatest spots for fall fun activities? Every year, the family changes the subject of their 40-acre corn maze, and they plow a message directly into the field that is visible from above. Sunset View Farms is a great destination to come this season because of their hay rides, pumpkin picking, corn crib, and “big chair” for family photo ops.

2. Chandler Pumpkin Farm, LLC — Elkview

It took Brandy and Timothy Chandler six years to begin tending to their pumpkin field after they purchased the property in 2013. The Chandlers, along with their two young boys, have been running their pumpkin patch for birthday parties, church groups, schools, and other events since their grand opening in 2019.

Why is Chandler Pumpkin Farms a great location for fall activities? The farm features a petting zoo in addition to the apple slingshots, corn pits, and U-Pick Pumpkin Patch, among other exciting attractions. The visit is well worth it for the cute baby goats and other creatures.

3. Gritt’s Farm — Buffalo

The farm was established in 1927 by Veto and Nally, the first Gritt family members. The Gritt’s Farm is still owned and run by the family today. They also give families six weeks, from September 16 to October 29, to enjoy fall activities and celebrations every year.

Around thirty different activities are available for visitors to enjoy throughout the family’s Fall Fun Farm weeks. Apart from selecting a pumpkin from the patch, visitors can engage in several enjoyable activities such as riding the tractor train, bowling with pumpkins, visiting the corn barn, and enjoying hay rides.

Why is Gritt’s Farms among the top pumpkin farms for enjoyable autumn activities? A season pass is available for a discounted cost. You can visit as often as you’d like with the pass, which also includes sunflower picking in their fields.

4. Black Cat Pumpkin Patch — Morgantown

When the days get shorter and darker in the fall, some people become superstitious. They might even start to buy into those old proverbs, like the one about black cats being unlucky. But in many cultures, black cats have also been considered favorable omens. This Black Cat Pumpkin Patch in Morgantown is the only place you’ll find happiness and fun.

What’s special about this pumpkin patch? This isn’t just your average agricultural pumpkin patch, either. It’s a roadside pumpkin patch instead. Still, it’s a pretty place to get your pumpkins by wagon or individually.

5. Old McDonald’s Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze — Inwood

For the autumn season, Old McDonald’s Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze offers hayrides and other entertaining events. The best thing is that adults over the age of three may get it for just $6. You can get a full day of fall action for just $10, with the hayrides costing just $4 extra.

Why is this one of the top pumpkin patches for discovering autumnal fun? Initially, the property was named the greatest pumpkin patch in West Virginia by Good Housekeeping Magazine. Secondly, Old McDonald’s is transitioning to their nighttime activities by 7 p.m., while other pumpkin patches close earlier. The farm offers hayrides and a night labyrinth from 7:30 to 10:30 p.m. for three weekends in October.

6. Seeds of Grace Acres — Augusta

Founded in 2017, Seeds of Grace Acres is a tiny family farm. The proprietors provide local agritourism, fresh farm vegetables, dried herbs, and flowers. You can visit the farm in the fall to discover your ideal pumpkin or to have fun in the Farm Fun Zone.

Why is this pumpkin patch among the top fall destinations in West Virginia?You can visit their Inflatables Park in addition to all the other exciting activities. They provide a range of kid-friendly activities for kids of all ages.

6. Butcher Family Farm — Washington

The Butcher Family Farm has been providing fresh produce, beautiful flowers, and a breathtaking fall background for anybody who visits its productive fields and greenhouse. You can explore the gorgeous pumpkin patch to choose the ideal pumpkin after spending some time wandering through the fields and admiring the farm’s vibrant colors.

You may even pet the young goats, which makes the animals an enjoyable attraction as well. What distinguishes this pumpkin patch, though?The family’s gorgeously colorful moms have their own field.

7. West Virginia Pumpkin Park — Milton

The West Virginia Pumpkin Park is a must-see site in Milton, West Virginia, even if it’s not a real pumpkin patch. Since 1986, the West Virginia Pumpkin Festival has taken place in the Pumpkin Park over many days in October, honoring the fall harvest. The festival offers a venue for farmers to market their pumpkins in addition to a number of fall-themed events spread over many days.

There are numerous merchants, a pageant, live music, entertaining performances, a yearly parade, and other competitions. Why is the pumpkin festival in West Virginia a must-attend event?Every year for a few days, there are fall-themed activities and excitement all day long.

8. Green Acres Farm Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch — Rock Cave

This October marks the end of harvest season. You can meander through corn mazes at the ideal height of corn fields. You may explore the maze, hunt for a pumpkin or gourd in the pumpkin patch, stop by the farm stand, and take a hayride through the fall fields at Green Acres Farm Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch.

Following an enjoyable afternoon spent seeing the sites, Green Acres Farm serves seasonal fare and beverages. But why is this farm among the top destinations for fall exploration?You can pause in your pumpkin decision to look over the beautiful assortment of flowers available for purchase.

9. Orr’s Farm Market — Martinsburg

The fairytale figure Spookley the Square Pumpkin will be at the pumpkin patch starting on September 9th, 2023. In addition, you can take in the sights of their cute young animals, select a plump, juicy pumpkin, engage in some playground fun, take a hayride or a stroll through the corn maze, or enjoy one of the many exciting activities offered by the farm.

For fun and activities that last all day, the owners provide three distinct packages. What makes Orr’s Farm Market so unique? They provide tools for their teachers and educational opportunities for their children, but they also let everyone come apple picking in their orchards.

10. Okes Family Farm — Cool Ridge

In 1914, the Okes Family Farm was founded. The farm has been offering its seasonal guests falltime adventure and excitement for years. You may meet the animals, tour the 3-acre corn maze, board the tractor train, take an autumn wagon ride, and much more with your ticket. For more excitement, the proprietors have built a brand-new 100-foot slide.

In September, there’s a special Witches’ Night for females who want to get together in the corn maze by torchlight, make their own brooms, and make lanterns. What else distinguishes this pumpkin patch from others?At the farm, parents have the option of letting their kids color their pumpkins.

11. Cherry Brook Farm — Mount Storm

Fall is a beautiful time to visit Cherry Brook Farm because of the vibrant colors, festive noises, and aromas that abound. Randell Junkins, the proprietor, plants vibrant orange, white, and pastel pumpkins in addition to sunflowers and eye-catching mums. Pink ones are also available.

On the farm, Junkins pops kettle corn by hand. After selecting your 60-pound or larger pumpkin, or some flat, stackable ones, you can get some. Why is this particular pumpkin patch so unique?The farm features butterflies and honey bees that help pollinate the thousands of sunflowers in addition to its beautiful and distinctive pumpkins.

12. Town and Country Nursery — Kearneysville

Farmer Bob welcomes visitors to his farm every day from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. during the month of October. To find your pumpkin and cut it off the vine, you can visit and stroll through the pumpkin patch. There are stacked pumpkins in pastel colors, orange, and yellow.

What else, besides the pumpkins, corn stalks, or brightly colored mums, makes this a wonderful fall destination?You can pause to sample some of the local goods with fresh apple cider or chocolate milk while you’re looking through your possible pumpkins.

13. Kenova’s Pumpkin House — Kenova

When Ric Griffith, the proprietor, a pharmacist and mayor, carved a pumpkin for each member of his family, the Pumpkin House was born in 1978. Throughout the years, he carved 120 pumpkins, and then three thousand. Since then, the location has evolved into the Ceredo-Kenova AutumnFest’s main draw. The National Register of Historic Places has the home itself on its list.

There’s no patch of pumpkins to choose from. Corn mazes and hayrides are absent. What, therefore, makes Kenova’s Pumpkin House one of the top fall activities in West Virginia? If you’re lucky, you might be able to offer to carve one of the 3,000 pumpkins.More importantly, there is no fee to view and enjoy the exquisite lighting display that is accompanied by lovely music and sound effects.

14. Higson’s Farm — Wiley Ford

Higson Farms is owned by Roy and Nora Higson.

The Higson’s have an annual October Fest on one blow-out day in October. You are welcome to visit the farm on that day and take in all the amazing events. Aside from face painting and crafts, there are hayrides, pony rides, and bunnies to pet and hold.

among addition to the numerous food trucks and vendors, there’s a sense of fun among the community. For what other reason is Higson’s Farm among West Virginia’s greatest pumpkin patches?Acquire a pumpkin, a few stalks of corn, and some straw to restock your fall décor.

15. Capitol Market — Charleston

Capitol Market is a nonprofit market that gives local farmers a place to sell their food; it’s not a pumpkin field. That includes the best pumpkins from nearby producers in October. But discovering a pumpkin is just one of the enjoyable activities the Capitol Market offers in October.

What makes this market unique for fall enjoyment, then, aside the freshest locally farmed fruit available? Wizarding Weekend 2023 is scheduled to take place at Capitol Market. You can take a class on making potions, get your face painted, learn about herbology, or enter a costume competition. In addition to produce from the outdoor market, there are many of interesting vendors.

Overview Table of the Best Pumpkin Patches in West Virginia

Number Farm or Pumpkin Patch Where in WV?
1. Sunset View Farms Ballard
2. Chandler Pumpkin Farm, LLC Elkview
3. Gritt’s Farm Buffalo
4. Black Cat Pumpkin Patch Morgantown
5. Old McDonald’s Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze Inwood
6. Seeds of Grace Acres Augusta
7. Butcher Family Farm Washington
8. West Virginia Pumpkin Park Milton
9. Orr’s Farm Market Martinsburg
10. Okes Family Farm Cool Ridge
11. Capitol Market Charleston
12. Cherry Brook Farm Mount Storm
13. Town and Country Nursery Kearneysville
14. Kenova’ Pumpkin House Kenova
15. Higson’s Farm Wiley Ford