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EKT exam [Knowledge Test Engineering] is calculated in accordance with AFCAT only for candidates who chose the technical branch of the Indian Army. Since 2014, the Indian Air Force began the EKT exam to the technical branch. If you want to be eligible for the technical branch, they are required to clean both AFCAT and EKT exam. If you qualify for the technical branch, then you must remove the EKT exam AFCAT each to attend the AFSB interview. In recent issues of the review of EKT, paper candidates must have seen the level of questions increases with time. We will publish a paper EKT issue with 6 original sets different AFCAT 1, 2016. Candidates can download EKT issue paper examinations and past practice for EKT 2016 2 examinations.
Download 4 games AFCAT Answers Question Paper

EKT January 2016 issue of answer papers [Original]

EKT Paper Series Issue January 2016 E-brochure with answers
Question 1 EKT 2016 Brochure Paper Series F, with answers
EKT 2016 Item 1 G Series Brochure paper with answers
EKT 2016 Item 1 Brochure paper series H with answers
EKT 2016 Item 1 J Brochure Paper Series with answers
EKT 2016 Item 1 K Brochure Paper Series with answers
EKT 2016 Answers Question 1 full paper set

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