Dreaming of an Eclipse: Discover the Spiritual Meaning and Interpretation

Eclipses have a really unique and mysterious quality. They usually only happen once in a lifetime—maybe twice, if you’re lucky! It’s more probable that you will dream of an eclipse than actually witness one. What does it signify, though, if you begin to dream of an eclipse?

Dreams have great power. They occasionally use symbols to tell us things we don’t want to hear. This can manifest as changes in the weather, wildlife, hues, or even eclipses. However, an eclipse can signify several things. Discover the meanings and symbols associated with eclipse dreams by following along.

What is An Eclipse?

Let’s first examine what eclipses are before delving into their meaning! A partial or total eclipse occurs when one celestial body passes in front of another, casting a shadow on it. Either the sun or the moon can cause this. Eclipses can be of two varieties.

Solar Eclipse

When the sun, moon, and earth are precisely lined up, a solar eclipse happens. When this happens, the moon covers the sun’s light, casting a wide shadow on Earth. Although they occur almost on the same frequency as lunar eclipses, not everyone can see solar eclipses. The European Space Agency states that solar eclipses occur roughly every 16 months.

Lunar Eclipse

The lunar eclipse is the other kind of eclipse. The earth moves between the sun and the moon during this amazing event. As a result, the earth casts a shadow across the moon. The moon could appear reddish during a total lunar eclipse. However, lunar eclipses are frequently partial. They take place roughly five times year. To view a lunar eclipse, all you need is the sky and your eyes; no additional equipment is required.

Spiritual Symbolism and Interpretation

An eclipse in your dream could represent several distinct things. It could matter what kind of eclipse it is, or it might not matter at all! That’s the weird nature of our thinking.

It is hardly surprising that there are numerous meanings associated with celestial phenomena, as they have fascinated people for millennia. Dream interpretation is rarely simple, though. The following are some of the eclipse’s more broad interpretations:

Transformation and Change

Eclipses usually signify a change in the status quo. Eclipses may therefore portend a change in the status quo in dreams. Even while it might seem that these modifications are important, they aren’t always.

Indeed, eclipse dreams may portend a new stage in your life, such as a change in your job or a new relationship. They can, however, also mean that your mailman is changing. Differing between the two can be challenging!

Loss and Renewal

Another sign of a loss is the eclipse’s blackness. You are, after all, losing the sun’s or moon’s illumination. Eclipses frequently portend a challenging time in your life that may need letting go. But often, this coexists with change and evolution. Thus, not everything is negative. Maybe all you should do is get ready for some disruption.

Instead of concentrating on the loss experienced during this time, we advise embracing the possibility of renewal that comes with it. Denying that there is no loss, nevertheless, would be counterproductive.


Eclipses are caused by the alignment of two heavenly bodies. These are frequently the sun and the moon, which are regarded as conflicting energies. When these two energies combine in your dream, it may represent a general duality in your life, either positive or negative.

There could be a disagreement, for example, between your conscious and subconscious minds. Maybe there is no connection between the duality and the sun or moon in particular. It can simply be a sign that you’re experiencing conflicting pulls.

The eclipse in your dream can be a sign that you should examine any dualities in your own life. They can be impeding your progress or hinting at a possible detour in your journey.


Eclipses were traditionally interpreted as unfavorable omens. As such, you can still read it as a terrible omen, albeit this is more indicative of the transformation eclipses bring about, to reiterate. This broad negativity is still a source of many interpretations, but you don’t have to let it fear you.

Interpreting Your Eclipse Dream

Which of those interpretations best fits an eclipse dream, in your opinion? Well, a lot can rely on how specific questions are answered. Following your dream, you should consider the following questions:

What kind of eclipse did we have?
How does the dream make you feel?
What kind of scenery was it?
What took place following the eclipse?

These specifics may help you choose the precise shading you should use on the aforementioned meanings. Interpreting dreams can be simplified to symbolic interpretations plus individual coloring. The eclipse sign must be understood in relation to how you felt about the dream, both then and now.