Do Indian Army Need to Fill the Arms Voids?

The shortage of body armor, ammunition, new and advanced assault rifles, artillery weapons and night-vision equipment raised the issue of the preparation of the armed forces in the recent period when the defense environment is a little heat. Uri attack and paratroopers’ recent surgical mission in the territory of Pakistan has become a hot topic among other countries. Both nations are preparing for future action. Speaking of India, the need for modernization and up-gradation is required.

INSAS assault rifle, assault rifle raw, has been in the news for a long time. Many high-ranking Armed Forces officials said that the pieces of INSAS oranges become a problem in camouflage soldiers. Furthermore, cracking magazines and interference problems during the Kargil war has also been reported. But all attempts of their improvements have failed. Now the news of the replacement of the assault rifle has been reported. 1.85 lakhs new assault rifles worth Rs 6000 cr will be a key military agreement.
The shortage of sandbags was also detected in critical areas of the armed forces. It is reported that the soldiers deployed in the northern states, which fill sandbags at their own expense to protect their tents. This was the key mistake for incidents where Uri burning tents causing causalities is also located.

The shortage of soldiers is the red mark on the subject. Today no army in India about 9,100 officers and 31,000 men, which is a lot. Another aspect of the same problem is that currently has 3,500 snipers from the army, but only some of them are quite capable of taking headshot at 600 meters and a body-shot at 1000 meters, which is a formation of defects.

In addition, the Acquisition Council (DAC Defense) has developed a key project for the army, which are 145 ultra-light howitzer M777 Armas or the United States, about 800 artillery pieces, 118 tanks, and Arjun Mark II 420 air defense guns. Arjun Mark II is also facing problems firing missiles problems and is still pending. While about 1,000 T-72 tanks were updated to meet the requirement of preparation.

The lack of ammunition is also a cause of concern for the armed forces as a report said ammunition depots are enough only to serve the Indian army for 20 days in case of war. The truce between India and Pakistan began and the army must be ready for any kind of actions or actions contrary difficult. In this case, moderation and updating owned weapons should be the first priority of the government. Indian Navy and Air Force also going through some gaps and work hard to overcome them. But the army, which must act first on all types of terrain must be ready and fully prepared. Governments Furthermore, the current actions of the Indian army beyond the borders have raised concern the military and the government seems to be quite serious in their efforts.

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