Discover the Top 5 Longest Ski Lifts in the World

It is evident that skiing is one of the most popular hobbies worldwide. This article’s list of the world’s longest ski lifts does not include all of the longest lifts. It’s true, there are a tonne of them! Whether you want to take a chair lift, gondola lift, or—gasp—be carried to the summit by an eagle, we’ve gathered the five longest and most elegant lifts right here. Enjoy, and consider taking a plane overseas for your next ski vacation! While you’re at it, make sure to read our post featuring the longest ski runs in the world.

5. Sunshine Express (Telluride, Colorado)

The Sunshine Express chairlift at Colorado’s Telluride Ski Resort used to be the longest detachable chairlift in the world. The incredible lift was constructed in 1986 and will soon turn 40 years old. The lift is a chairlift that travels 1.96 kilometres up a mountainside! It takes little over ten minutes for the incredibly chill ride, so you can utilise that time to rest. It’s also a great chance to enjoy the breathtaking scenery and strike a photo.

4. Slide Brook Express (Sugarbush, Vermont)

Another great ski chairlift is the Slide Brook Express Quad, which is situated at Sugarbush Resort in Vermont, United States. The world’s longest and fastest chairlift quad is still the Slide Brook Express lift, which held that title for a while. The resort’s greatest feature is that it’s in the United States, making it far more accessible to most people than places like Serbia or Iran.

Millions of lovers of the outdoors visit the serene, lovely state of Vermont each year. One great reason to visit in the winter is the Sugarbush Resort. Gazing out over the gorgeous wilderness, the strenuous 2.1 miles on a Slide Brook quad chairlift will help you de-stress, regain your bearings, and prepare for the next run.

3. Peak 2 Peak Gondola (Whistler, Canada)

The Peak to Peak gondola lift at Whistler Blackcomb in Canada is an amazing 2.7 miles long. Your jaw will drop at the sights from the gondola, and you’ll want to get down to the bottom of the hill as soon as possible to catch the gondola back up to the top. Views of the snow-covered volcanic peaks, the Canadian wilderness, coastal rainforests, and old glaciers can all be had from the vantage point of an eagle. This lift is the longest lift system in the world, the highest lift of its sort, and the longest lift of its kind overall. It’s a big task to live up to that reputation!

2. Tochal Ski Resort (Tehran Province, Iran)

With a 4.66-mile gondola lift, the Tochal Ski Resort is a magical place to be. Even while many Americans may not think of Iran as a top ski destination, they definitely will after learning about this resort! To begin with, guests ascend to the resort at 12,467 feet by taking the first 30-minute gondola ride at the multi-activity complex, which is located just north of Tehran. If the city’s smog level isn’t too high, the ride could be immensely picturesque. It’s then time to board the second gondola, which will transport guests to the summit of the ski resort. Given that the journey is 4.66 miles long, we anticipate that it will take some time to reach the summit.

1. Zlatibor Gold Gondola (Zlatibor, Serbia)

Visitors will take a 25-minute gondola ride to reach the Gold Gondola Ski Resort. Starting in Zlatibor’s centre, the gondola links to Tornik’s ski centre. This 5.59-mile gondola ride is the longest ski lift in the world and offers an incredible panoramic view. Savour it swiftly because the ride moves at a speed of roughly 20 feet per second—quite rapid for a ski lift. It can also process up to 1,000 requests per hour! It was obvious that this gondola had ties to Sonic the Hedgehog! If you find that a long day of skiing often leaves you really hungry, they provide a fantastic breakfast, but make sure to make a reservation. This wonderful, environmentally friendly ski resort exudes sophistication in every way.

The panoramic view from this world-record-breaking gondola is an experience unto itself. The golden pine trees that give Zlatibor his name abound in the captivating sloping hills blanketed in snow. The word is a combination of the words bor, which means pine, and zlatni, which means gold. This area has a fantastic climate with clean, fresh air due to the combination of sea and mountain air. Some of the world’s best and purest mountains are found in the Balkans. For those seeking an exceptionally memorable day, the adventure centre located at the resort’s base has a tonne to offer.

For the time being at least, this unique super gondola is the longest panoramic-view gondola in the world. There certainly appear to be a lot of competition for it. In the upcoming years, it wouldn’t surprise us if another champion completed the golden circle.