Discover the Tallest Building in Maryland (and Where It Ranks in the U.S.)

The highest structure in the state of Maryland is the Transamerica Tower in Baltimore. Standing at a height of 529 feet, it dominates the largest city in Maryland. It was constructed in 1973 and has 40 floors. Originally known as the USF&G Building, the skyscraper was constructed to serve as the United States Fidelity and Guarantee Company’s headquarters. It’s also occasionally called by its address, 100 Light Street.

It has since served as the Baltimore headquarters for numerous corporations and enterprises. The building was owned by Baltimore financial firm Legg-Mason, Inc. until 2009. Following that, a number of businesses, including a Baltimore legal firm and RBC Wealth Management, opened offices in the building. In honour of the Transamerica Corporation, its major tenant, it was christened the Transamerica Tower in 2011. The Transamerica Pyramid skyscraper in San Francisco houses offices for the same corporation.

Skyscrapers in Baltimore, Maryland

The largest city in Maryland is Baltimore, home to over 576,000 inhabitants. The oldest of its several skyscrapers was finished in the late 1880s. The 10-story Equitable Building is far smaller than contemporary skyscrapers. But this building was an amazing construction when it was finished. It is the oldest structure that is still standing on Courthouse Square. A few years later, the 15-story Fidelity Building was completed.

Numerous skyscrapers in the city were damaged by a large fire that started in 1904. Remarkably, just the interiors needed to be reconstructed because the exterior structures remained intact. A large number of skyscrapers in use today were built in the 1970s, 1990s, and the most recent few decades. Along with residential buildings, there are commercial and office buildings. In the city of Baltimore, there are over 45 structures taller than 220 feet. While there are some tall buildings in other Maryland cities, neither the quantity nor the height of those in Baltimore compares.

What is the Tallest Building in the United States?

Even the Transamerica Tower pales in comparison to other soaring structures. One World Trade Centre in New York City is the highest structure in the United States. One World Trade Centre, standing 1,776 feet tall, was built in 2014 on the site of the former Twin Towers, which collapsed in 2001 as a result of a terrorist assault. New York City is home to a large number of the tallest structures in the nation. There are buildings in Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and many other large cities that are higher than the highest structure in Maryland.

The Transamerica Tower is the tallest structure between Raleigh, North Carolina, to the south, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to the north, even though it may not be among the top 50 tallest structures in the United States.