Discover the Only President Ever Born in New Hampshire

Only one president was born in Nebraska; an astounding four presidents were born in Massachusetts. Furthermore, only one president of New Hampshire was born in the Granite State. On November 23, 1804, Franklin Pierce was born in Hillsborough, New Hampshire. From 1853 until 1857, Pierce presided as the 14th President. With the exception of his time spent attending a university in Maine, he spent his whole childhood in Hillsboro.

Regarding Hillsborough, New Hampshire

The population of Hillsborough, a town in New Hampshire, is roughly 6,000. Hillsborough is home to two forests: a small portion of Low State Forest and Fox State Forest. Jonathan Belcher, the colonial governor of Massachusetts and New Hampshire, established the town in 1735.

Other Residences of Pierce

Franklin Pierce had multiple residences across the nation. Let’s examine each of those locations.

Hancock, NH: As a young child, Pierce went to school. He once traveled 12 kilometers back to his house because he was homesick.

Exeter, New Hampshire: In order to get ready for college, he attended Phillips Exeter Academy.

Brunswick, ME: He studied at Bowdoin College in this town.

Portsmouth, NH: Former New Hampshire Governor Levi Woodbury taught law classes.

Northampton, MA: Attended Northampton Law School for a semester.

Amherst, New Hampshire: From 1826 to 1827, studied law under Judge Edmund Parker.

Concord, NH: They settled here soon after marriage and lived there for the remainder of their lives, with the exception of Washington, D.C., where he served as president.

Washington, D.C.: From 1853 to 1857, the President resided here.

Regarding Franklin Pierce

Franklin Pierce spent his whole life in New Hampshire, where he was born and reared. In addition to serving as the state’s representative in Congress as a US Representative and US Senator, he represented New Hampshire in the State Legislature. He practiced law after quitting Congress in 1842, and he later rose to the position of US Attorney. During the Mexican-American War, he served as a brigadier general and became well-known as a possible presidential contender. A longtime Democrat, Franklin Pierce received his nomination in 1852 because he was seen as the man who could best reconcile the views of the North and the South. He easily defeated Whig nominee Winfield Scott in the presidential contest.

Pierce Presidency’s Major Highlights

Franklin Pierce signed laws into law during his administration that affected a large number of individuals across the nation. Let’s examine some of President Pierce’s most notable laws from his administration.

Pierce approved the Gadsden Purchase, which gave the US ownership of property in Mexico.

Additionally, he was president when he attempted, but failed, to seize Cuba from Spain.

Pierce ratified trade agreements with Japan and Great Britain.

He backed the Kansas-Nebraska Act, which pleased the South but infuriated the North. The North and South became even more divided as a result of this.

Franklin Pierce After His Presidency

Democrats chose someone else, believing he would be renominated because to his damaged reputation in the North. Franklin Pierce and his wife Jane relocated to Portsmouth, New Hampshire, following his presidency, but they ultimately made the decision to take a three-year trip to Europe and the Bahamas. Still, he kept an ear to the ground in politics and frequently offered his thoughts on national political issues. He was a Southern appeaser who befriended numerous Confederates while pleading for the Southern states to stay in the Union. Pierce had strong opinions about President Abraham Lincoln as well.

His severe alcoholism ruined the latter years of his life. But in the middle of 1865, he made the decision that he wanted to improve. He quit drinking, turned to spirituality, and went into farming. But a few years later, he began to drink more, which had an immediate negative impact on him. chose to return to Concord, New Hampshire, and it was there that he passed away from liver cirrhosis. At the age of 64, Pierce passed away on Friday, October 8, 1969.

In summary

That’s right, Franklin Pierce was the only president to be born in New Hampshire. Pierce served as president at a pivotal juncture in American history. Less than five years after he left office, the US would enter a civil war as a direct result of the policies he took. As a result, his legacy is tarnished, and historians rank him as the least successful president.