Discover the Oldest Church in Illinois

For many ages, people have gathered in churches or other buildings of worship. These locations have a purpose: to provide people with a sense of tranquilly when doubt creeps into their hearts and minds. Settlements were formed by settlers as the United States expanded and migrated westward. In addition to churches, they constructed community centres, schools, post offices, and police stations.

Let us examine the oldest church in the state of Illinois. We’ll go over the specifics of its construction date, location, and neighbouring fauna.


St. Clair County is home to the Church of the Holy Family, which is situated in Cahokia Heights, Illinois.The church is located in the metropolitan area of St. Louis. St. Louis, MO is located west of St. Clair County. The Roman Catholic church is currently in charge of maintaining the Roman Catholic church. Situated on the premises are three structures: the historic church, a contemporary sanctuary, and a parish home. The church still hosts weekly Masses, which are frequently attended by a congregation. Any tourists who would prefer a guided tour can get one.

When Was It Built?

In 1699, the congregation began to meet, even though the church was not constructed until much later. Priests came to the area to establish a mission; they were from Quebec. The group persisted in meeting even after the mission was terminated in 1768. Around 1786, a more contemporary church was built and dedicated on September 24, 1799. Before a new stone church was constructed next to the old one, the congregation held meetings in this one for nearly a century. Built of timbers, the original church was transformed into the parish house that still stands today.

Important Occasions

The history of Illinois’s oldest church is rich and colourful. These are a few significant occasions that took place over the years.

The church is under the Belleville, Illinois, Diocese.

On April 15, 1970, it was designated as a National Historic Landmark and added to the National Register of Historic Places.

In honour of the state’s bicentennial, it was chosen as one of the 200 Great Places in the State of Illinois in 2018.


There are many different kinds of animals in the vicinity of the Church of the Holy Family. It’s possible that the only foreign animals you see are rodents because it’s a part of the St. Louis metro region. However, there were raccoons, bats, groundhogs, and bears to be seen in the outskirts. At certain seasons of the year, you can even glimpse eagles, woodpeckers, vultures, and hawks in the skies.

In summary

That’s right, the Church of the Holy Family is the oldest church in Illinois. Set in Cahokia Heights, Illinois, the church dates back more than two centuries. In the last 200 years, the church has witnessed a great deal of history and will surely witness more. Explore the church’s hallways and put yourself in the shoes of the early settlers who came to Illinois in order to create a presence and a sense of community.