Discover the Oldest Church in All of Texas

Sometimes we forget the entirety of Texas’s history when we think of the state. With origins dating back to 1519, when Alonso Alvarez de Pineda made a map of the Gulf Coast, the state was formerly a part of Mexico. The settlement of San Antonio dates back to 1692, and in the 1700s it was incorporated as a city. Many have questioned about Texas’s religious past as a result of this history. Religion has a significant role in both Mexican and European immigration to the United States. What is Texas’s oldest church specifically?

What Is the Oldest Church in Texas?

Not only is San Antonio one of the oldest cities in Texas, but it also has the oldest church. In 1731, the San Fernando Cathedral opened for business. This church was founded by the union of sixteen Canary Islander families. San Fernando was renowned for accepting people of various faiths. This was necessary since, up to Texas’s declaration of independence, the government only recognized the Catholic Church for a very long period.

The purpose of the church was to provide a safe haven or place of worship for people in the middle of the city. That is still true today, after all these years, because the San Fernando Cathedral is located in the center of the city. This church is a great place to meet new people if you’re seeking for one. There are over 5,000 people that attend the masses given every weekend. Tours of the church are also available.

What Events Have Happened at San Fernando Cathedral?

Nearly a century after its construction, the chapel played a significant role in the Alamo War. The fight was declared to have begun when General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna flew a flag from the top of the chapel. The church underwent a makeover in 1868, adopting a Gothic aesthetic. In 1874 and 1920, the Stations of the Cross and additional windows were constructed. The only other occasion in history that a pope visited a Texas church was when Pope John Paul II made his way to the cathedral in 1987.

The church underwent a fifteen million dollar refurbishment in 2003. There were three stages to this refurbishment. After all was said and done, the church was restored and the baptism center was improved. A community facility would be erected in addition to the renovated Cathedral facility. The Good Friday Passion Play is the year’s most attended event. Visitors come from all over the world to watch.

What Else Can You Find Around the San Fernando Cathedral?

Since it’s in San Antonio’s downtown, not many animals are out and about. Still, the San Fernando Cathedral is surrounded by lovely gardens and spaces. One of the most well-known sights in the country, the San Antonio River Walk, is another option. A stunning oak tree called Heritage Oak is located in front of the church on Main Plaza. The church decks the numerous trees that are outside during the holiday season. After service, you can stroll to Legacy Park, which is conveniently next to the church, and enjoy the stunning views of San Antonio.

What Is the Oldest Church in the United States?

While existing since 1731 is no small accomplishment, it is nothing in comparison to the San Miguel Chapel. This chapel has been a part of Santa Fe, New Mexico, since 1610. This occurred 120 years prior to the founding of San Fernando Cathedral. The fact that it has only been rebuilt twice, the most recent being in 1710, may be even more remarkable than its age. Without counting Puerto Rico, the San Fernando Cathedral is the 29th-oldest cathedral in the country overall.

All things considered, the San Fernando Cathedral is among the most magnificent buildings in the country. The next time you’re in San Antonio, you should definitely go here because of its resilience to the Texas heat, the historical battles that occurred during Texas’s struggle for independence, and many other reasons. Remember to be grateful for every component that was created before technology could assist us. Ancient churches are architectural wonders because of how exquisitely they were built without assistance. When you visit the San Fernando Cathedral, there are also many of things to see and do.