Discover the Oldest Building in the World (That People Still Use to This Day)!

The world is full of historic buildings and structures. We are still in awe of the people who built the ancient burial mounds, pyramids, and Mayan ruins—signs of past civilizations that continue to haunt us.

Nevertheless, these structures are essentially ghosts of their former selves. They are striking to look at, but they are not very useful.

That isn’t the case with the world’s oldest structure still in operation today. Constructed approximately in the year 100 A.D., the structure is grand and well-maintained. Continue reading further to find out more about this historic building.

What Is the Oldest Building in the World Still in Use?

Numerous ancient civilizations exist, such as the Native Americans and the Egyptians. Even some of these societies’ architectural remnants remain, such as the pyramids and mounds.

None of them, meanwhile, have structures that are still in use today. Ancient Rome is the civilization that has been granted the honour. The Pantheon is the specific building. Construction on the Pantheon began in or around 125 A.D. That was about two thousand years ago!

Where Is the Pantheon Located?

The Pantheon and the Parthenon are not the same thing. Even though it was constructed in Ancient Greece around 600 years before the Pantheon, the Parthenon is no longer in use. These days, it’s hardly more than a building’s skeleton.

In contrast, the Pantheon is located in Italy and has remained whole and complete to this day. Since it is located in the centre of Rome, it is difficult to overlook. The diameter of this massive structure is 142 feet. That is the same distance from the torch on the Statue of Liberty to her sandals, to put it in perspective.

The History of the Oldest Building in the World Still Used Today

In the year 125 A.D., Publius Aelius Hadrianus, the Roman emperor, constructed the Pantheon. Even though the existing edifice was completed at that time, it is not the original Pantheon. Before it burned down in 80 A.D., it was originally constructed. It was reconstructed by the Ancient Romans around 110 A.D. Regretfully, the one was struck by lightning and burned down as well.

Fortunately, a third time was lucky, and the 125 A.D. version’s construction held up well. Even though there were others who felt the building was cursed, many continued to use it on a daily basis after it was constructed.

The world’s oldest still-standing building is the subject of some hazy information. Historians are aware, nevertheless, that in Ancient Roman, Pantheon meant “all gods.” According to several historians, the name indicates that it was a place of worship.

In any case, it was and remains carefully guarded. People are drawn in by the edifice and are left feeling powerful and in awe.

How Is the Building Used Today?

It’s interesting to note that the facility is still essentially used the same way. When the Romans first constructed it, they used it as a place to pray and offer gratitude to the gods.

It serves as a Roman Catholic church these days. In spite of its vast history, the Pantheon has not changed hands very often. Since the 7th century, it has served as a Roman Catholic church, and it is unlikely to close anytime soon.