Discover The Most Effective and Natural Lice Treatment Using Products In Your Home

Nits, which are extremely itchy patches on your hair shafts, are laid by tiny parasitic insects known as head lice. Although lice are more common in young animals, lice can nonetheless infect adults. There are many methods available to rid your scalp of lice and nits, these irritating bugs.

Effective and Natural Lice Treatment Options
1. Use a wet comb for your hair

Wet combing is a well-liked, fantastic, and efficient method of getting rid of lice in younger children. To stop the lice from moving, this entails soaking the individual who has the lice’s hair. Our recommendation is to use an oil or leave-in conditioner if you want to simplify this as much as possible.

The hair should be brushed while it is still damp with a fine-tooth comb. There are combs made specifically for lice that are really effective! Every kind of lice need to be visible on the comb.

After every pass, remove the brush to avoid returning any lice to the scalp. For two weeks, you might need to repeat this procedure every few days.

2. Cleansing Agent for Skin

Applying a thick layer of skin cleanser to your entire hair and scalp is another method for getting rid of lice. Use a hair dryer to dry your scalp and hair until the cleanser is brittle.

For at least eight hours, maintain this style for your hair. As a result, the lice get caught and finally suffocate. Wet your hair and comb out every nit after eight hours. Depending on how severe the lice infestation is, you might need to repeat this procedure.

3. Petroleum Gel

Petroleum jelly is the only item on our list of household items that can be used as a lice treatment. This is among the best approaches to address the current problem. Even though there are many smothering substances, like mayonnaise, petroleum jelly prevents more lice eggs from hatching.

All you have to do is apply petroleum jelly to your head and wait a few hours. Using a lice comb, go through your hair, being sure to clean it off after every brush. As usual, wash your hair, and then repeat as needed.

4. Essential Oil

Tea tree oil and lavender oil both have excellent anti-licked properties. It would be worthwhile to give it a try if you are not allergic to tea tree oil. You can use any of the several tea tree oil shampoos available on the market.

According to one study, 100% of the lice pass away in about thirty minutes. Tea tree oil is an endocrine disruptor, therefore use caution when applying it to young children. Make sure you dilute lavender essential oil before applying it to prevent skin irritation.

For those who are allergic to tea tree oil alone, this might be a better choice.

5. Heat

Heat treatment is among the simplest and most natural ways to get rid of lice. Fortunately, lice and nits will perish if exposed to temperatures above 128.3 degrees Fahrenheit for an extended period of time.

It is imperative that you wash the clothing and bedding of everyone who has lice in your home in very hot water. Additionally, you should immerse any combs or brushes they’ve used in hot water for about ten minutes.