Discover the Largest University Campus in Canada

There is one college campus in Canada that is bigger than the others. This specific school was established by royal charter in 1827, making it the oldest one in existence. It was the region’s first recognized institution at the time dedicated to higher education in Upper Canada. The actual location of Queen’s Park’s grounds is where this school is situated.

That would be the University of Toronto. Undergraduate, graduate, and even an abundance of alternatives for overseas students are all available to students. With 200 graduate and 700 undergraduate programs to choose from, scholars have a plethora of options. Here are some additional facts regarding Canada’s biggest institution for your knowledge.

The largest university campus in Canada is the University of Toronto.

It is noteworthy to mention that the University of Toronto consists of fifty-one buildings. There are 221 acres total between all of these structures, so that’s a lot of land. We are discussing an area of 2,122,000 square feet! They are enrolled 97,678 students in total as of the fall 2023 semester. The University of Toronto has welcomed international students from 170 different nations and areas. International students most frequently arrive by plane from the following countries: South Korea, China, Hong Kong, India, and the United States.

16,503 faculty members, 8,807 staff personnel, and 163 librarians are employed by the university at the moment. These committed staff members give it their all to foster a culture of learning and instruction on campus. The St. George, Scarborough, and Mississauga campuses are the three primary locations of the University of Toronto. The bulk of students were enrolled in classes at the St. George campus for the autumn 2023 academic year.

Which Canada Universities Are Almost as Large as the University of Toronto?

While a few other colleges are rather huge as well, the University of Toronto is undoubtedly the biggest university in Canada. Based on the size of the campus and the quantity of students that attend classes, York University has established a reputation for itself. At the moment, there are about 55,700 enrolled students and 7,000 academic and staff personnel. York University was established in 1959 and has 500 acres. There are hundreds of lecture halls, six libraries, two sports facilities, and an indoor golf driving range among the structures.

It is also noteworthy to mention the Université de Montréal because of its enormous size. On campus, 2,300 instructors conduct business, and 67,000 students are committed to academics. Encompassing 150 acres, the university maintains its reputation as one of the leading research-focused institutions. The University of Toronto remains the top institution, even with the number of students enrolled and the total area of land each one covering.

What Fun Things Can Visitors Do Nearby the University of Toronto?

When spending time close to the University of Toronto, there are lots of enjoyable activities to choose from. Finding out what events are around is a wonderful idea whether you’re a current student, someone who is thinking about enrolling, or someone who just enjoys the region. One amazing destination to visit is the Hockey Hall of Fame. The extensive history of ice hockey, a sport that is quite serious in Canada, is the main topic of discussion.

Another fantastic spot to visit is the Art Gallery of Ontario. For everyone with a creative mind, viewing various works of astounding art is a fun activity. Furthermore, a visit to Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada is highly recommended. There are so many diverse marine life forms in it. Visitors to this aquarium get the opportunity to interact directly with a variety of aquatic creatures and undersea life. When visiting Canada, booking a tour of Niagara Falls is usually a terrific idea. If you’re spending time close to the University of Toronto, you can visit the wonders of Niagara Falls. The commute to college is roughly ninety minutes.

How Can Students Enroll at the University of Toronto?

You’re not alone if the thought of enrolling at the University of Toronto is beginning to appeal to you. Many others have already made that decision for themselves. The fact that the school is so big and prestigious could be a major contributing factor. You must have earned an outstanding grade point average from a recognized four-year secondary school in order to be admitted to the University of Toronto.

SAT or ACT test results that are noteworthy will also assist clinch the deal throughout your application process, according to the school’s official admissions page. The University of Toronto’s admissions counselors are seeking applicants with GPAs in the range of 3.7 to 4.0. The desired SAT range is between 1430 and 1540. Additionally, they are seeking ACT scores in the range of 32 to 35. The fact that the University of Toronto is the largest college campus in Canada is an amazing statistic, regardless of whether you wish to attend or just visit.