Discover the Largest House in Oregon And Just How Big 21,000 Square Feet Really Is

Being the ninth largest state in the union, Oregon offers plenty of room for residents to settle down and construct spacious homes. Although the Beaver State isn’t typically associated with expansive cities or the ultra-wealthy, some people have built huge residences there. We’re going to examine the largest house in Oregon today to see how huge it is and how its dimensions relate to those of other buildings.

What Is the Largest House in Oregon?

The 21,000-square-foot Morrow Mansion is the biggest mansion in Oregon. Salem, Oregon’s 3705 Ballyntyne Road is where you may find this mansion. At least seven bedrooms, seventeen bathrooms, eleven fireplaces, two whole apartments, two offices, a swimming pool, and a host of other luxuries can be found in Morrow Mansion. The building is situated in the town’s southern section on over ten acres of land.

The house was first constructed in 1992 by Morrow Equipment’s owner, Richard Morrow. The house belonged to Morrow, who sold it in 2016. Before selling for a total of $2.5 million, the largest house in Oregon was up for sale for approximately a year.

The large property was intended to be converted into a bed and breakfast by the buyer. But the plan was not approved by the municipal authorities. Consequently, the land has continued to be used as a dwelling. At least, there hasn’t been any fresh news about the property. In 2019, the property was listed for $3.95 million on Zillow; however, in 2020, it was taken off the market.

How Large is 21,000 Square Feet?

We must comprehend the largest mansion in Oregon now that we are aware of its dimensions. Ultimately, most people do not relate to a space of 21,000 square feet. For those readers who use metric measurements, the residence spans 1,951 square metres. The footprint of the house is roughly 0.5 acres, or roughly one-third the size of a football pitch. The land is roughly 10 acres, or the equivalent of 7.5 football fields, and includes the house. You should be able to determine the approximate size of this property based on these measurements.

Where Is the Largest House in Oregon on a Map?

Situated on the outskirts of Salem at 3705 Ballyntyne Road, it is the largest residence in Oregon. In a technical sense, the house is located in an unincorporated area of Marion County. Even though it’s interesting to observe the property’s layout on a map, it’s crucial to respect the homeowners by maintaining a safe distance. This is private property.

A New Contender for the Largest House in the Beaver State

The Morrow Mansion is currently the biggest mansion in Oregon, but soon enough, a new rival will surpass it. That is, assuming the strategy is successful. A 50,000 square foot property at 32020 SW Peach Cove Road in West Linn will be owned by HomesoftheRich. The massive work of architectural art is situated beside the Willamette River. About 15 miles or so separate it from Portland.

The property’s significant development problems are the only issue. Before selling the property in 2018, Mark Wattles—the man who founded Hollywood Videos—invested over $12 million in its construction.

The new buyer made the decision to sell the unfinished property in 2021 as well. The home was listed for $42 million, but the owner never sold it. This property is still unfinished, and that premium price was for a finished one. The mega-mansion will easily surpass the largest house in Oregon when it is completed.

With 11 bedrooms and 18 bathrooms, the 50,000 square foot home on Peach Cove Road will be furnished. Along with many other facilities, the mansion will have an indoor basketball court, wine cellars, and a 60-car garage. It might take some time for the mansion to be completed, though. Thus, Morrow Mansion is the winner for the time being.

What Wildlife Lives Near the Morrow Mansion?

Located in Marion County, Oregon, a region known for its abundance of wildlife, is the Morrow Mansion. Check out a some of the animals that may be found in this area, including:

  • Mule deer
  • Rubber boas in the north
  • Canada geese
  • The Bobcats
  • Southwest rattlesnakes
  • Coyotes
  • Red-tailed hawks Beavers on mountains
  • scavengers
  • turtles with paint
  • bald eagles

These are only a handful of the creatures that call this region home; a wide variety of animals flourish here in the state.

The Morrow Mansion is currently the largest mansion in Oregon. That mansion will, however, no longer have its title in the upcoming years. The home on Peach Cove Road is expected to be approximately twice as large as Morrow Manion, which is 21,000 square feet. It will be necessary for us to update this post and notify the readers when the home is ultimately finished!