Discover the Largest House in North Dakota And Just How Big 18,000 Square Feet Really Is

An 18,000-square-foot mansion is currently the largest house in North Dakota. No, there isn’t a deal on this house right now. On Zillow, though, you can see its previous listing and a tonne of photos of the house.

Here are some fundamental details regarding this enormous mansion:

Location: 2043 Rose Creek Boulevard South, Fargo, ND
Size: 18,000 square feet
Bedrooms: 6
Bathrooms: 10

As one might assume, there are a tonne of amenities in the property. The enormous formal dining room, movie theatre, steam room, and indoor pool are all present. Since its construction in 2000, it has maintained its position as North Dakota’s largest house. It is estimated to be valued close to two million dollars and is situated in the affluent Rose Creek neighbourhood.

It should come as no surprise that this mansion is among the priciest in North Dakota. It triumphs in both price and sheer size.

Other Large Homes in North Dakota

Though none of them are as huge as the one we just talked about, there are a number of other large residences in North Dakota.

Another enormous and extremely costly house is called River Ranch. In actuality, it cost more than the house above—at least when it was bought last. But with just two bedrooms, it has considerably less bedrooms. Being situated on 1,879 acres of excellent hunting land is its main attraction. Its intended use is as a hunting hideaway.

Every bedroom is a separate master suite that is situated on its own floor. The floor concept is very open throughout the entire house. There’s a large kitchen island that easily seats six people, plus a passive terrace. There’s even a butler pantry in the mansion.

With 7,925 square feet, the house at 708 Jay St., Bottineau, ND 58318 is a strong candidate for the title of largest residence in North Dakota. Situated on Lake Metigoshe, it has an estimated value of about one million dollars. It’s a lake estate, technically only 1.35 acres, but it’s situated far away from other homes.

The total square footage of this property is increased by the addition of a guest house. In addition, there is a three-stall garage and 2,475 square feet of additional workshop space. This makes the total square footage of the house 10,500 square feet when added. Nevertheless, depending on who you ask, the garage may or may not properly be counted.

You may access all three stories of this residence using a private lift.