Discover the Largest High School in San Antonio (And Notable Alums)

In Texas, everything is larger, even the educational system. This is a result of the dense population in various areas of the state, such as San Antonio. With an estimated 1,472,909 residents, the city requires a number of very big high schools to teach its school-age population. Today, we’re going to examine the biggest high school in San Antonio, revealing its enrollment figures, geographic location, and the reason you probably won’t run into any well-known alums anytime soon!

What Is the Largest High School in San Antonio?

With 3,598 students enrolled, John M. Harlan High School is the biggest high school in San Antonio. The National Center for Education Statistics reports that only students in grades 9 through 12 make up the large student body at this school.

The Northside Independent School District is home to John M. Harlan High School, sometimes simply known as Harlan High School. This district, in its entirety, employs 12,000 more staff workers in addition to 6,200 teachers, serving approximately 100,000 pupils.

The institution has a sizable staff and student body, in addition to a sizable campus in terms of square footage. With 486,000 square feet of space, the school is the largest in terms of both population and size in the Northside Independent School District.

But it’s not the biggest high school in Texas, is it? Six thousand students attend Allen High School, which is situated north of Dallas.

Where Is John M. Harlan High School on the Map?

On the western edge of the city is San Antonio’s biggest high school. The distance between the school and the Alamo in San Antonio is about eighteen kilometers.

To be more precise, the school is located in the rather rural or suburban section of Bexar County. A few miles north of the university is the Government Canyon State Natural Area, and to the northwest is Medina Lake, which is roughly nine miles away. Since the school only began in 2017, it can be quite helpful to locate it using the map above.

About John M. Harlan High School

Serving the Northside Independent School District is the educational institution known as John M. Harlan High School. The school serves students in grades 9 through 12, and it initially opened its doors in 2017. At 14350 Culebra Road, San Antonio, Texas 78253-1699, there is a conventional, non-charter school that is the largest high school in the city.

The school bears the name of John Marshall Harlan, the lone justice on the Supreme Court to vote against the ruling in Plessy v. Ferguson, which established the legal basis for segregated, “separate but equal” education in the US.

The facility is located in a San Antonio suburb called Bexar County. Furthermore, the school is roughly 20 miles from San Antonio’s downtown. At 486,000 square feet, the structure is enormous.

In total, 3,598 students are enrolled in John M. Harlan High School as of the 2023–2024 academic year. With 189 full-time instructors on staff, the student to teacher ratio at the school is 19.05.

There are 1,858 male students and 1,740 female students overall. 951 of these pupils are eligible for free or significantly discounted lunches.

John M. Harlan High School was created by the Northside Independent School District’s directors with the goal of creating the biggest and most sophisticated school inside the district. The school was originally planned to enroll 3,000 local pupils. But the school’s student body grew quickly, and it currently numbers 3,598.