Discover the Largest City in Vermont Now and in 2050

Located in the New England region of the United States, Vermont is a small and attractive state. It’s well-known for its mouthwatering maple syrup, charming little towns, and stunning mountains! Vermont is one of the smallest states in the union, covering a mere 9,616 square miles. There are 645,000 people living in Vermont, dispersed throughout the state’s towns and cities. Only Wyoming has fewer people living in a state than Vermont.

Vermont may be small, but it packs a lot of character, especially in its charming cities. But don’t count on seeing a lot of skyscrapers in this state! We will be examining Vermont’s largest city in this essay. Additionally, we’ll be revealing forecasts on the next largest city! Next, we have a summary table that shows you the state’s five biggest cities. Now let’s get started!

What is the Largest City in Vermont?

Burlington is the biggest city in Vermont. Burlington, with its 44,464 population, is a relatively small city overall. The city is located on the state’s western border, next to Lake Champlain. It’s not far from Burlington if you’re looking for an international vacation because it’s close to Vermont’s northern border with Canada! The charming city is a little more than 15 square miles in size.

Burlington Facts & Figures

Before speculating as to which city in the state will be the biggest in 2050, let’s take a closer look at Burlington. There’s a lot to learn about Burlington, which is an awesome place!

The population of Burlington has been declining. Actually, it’s currently at -0.2%. It isn’t becoming much smaller, but it’s also not getting any bigger.

Burlington is home to Champlain College and the University of Vermont! Even with the small population, there are plenty of enjoyable activities to enjoy!

It is the most populous city in the smallest state in the union.

Burlington is a great location for outdoor enthusiasts to explore. Not only is it situated on Lake Champlain, but hikers can enjoy an abundance of paths.

Although not exclusive to Burlington, Vermont has some extremely lethal wildlife in its whole. One of the most deadly animals you could come across in Vermont is the moose!

What Will Be the Largest City in Vermont in 2050?

Even though Burlington’s population is somewhat declining, Burlington will probably continue to be Vermont’s largest city for the foreseeable future. Compared to Essex, Vermont’s second-most populous city, Burlington is twice as big. Nevertheless, Essex is expanding, so we’ll see!

Top 5 Largest Cities in Vermont: A Comparison

Here’s a quick look at the 5 largest cities in Vermont. For each city, we have provided the population, population growth rate, and size, as well as the rank organized by population.

City Population Population Growth Area
Burlington 44,646 -0.2% 15.49 sq. mi.
Essex 22,095 1.82% 39.3 sq. mi.
South Burlington 20,241 0.12% 29.58 sq. mi.
Colchester 17,546 0.5% 58.6 sq. mi.
Rutland City 15,819 0.04% 7.68 sq. mi.