Discover the Largest City in Kansas Now and in 2050

The 33rd most populous state in the union is Kansas. There are just a few major cities and 2,882,946 people live there.Kansas, also referred to as The Sunflower State, is well-known for producing a sizable portion of the country’s cattle. It is also the location of The Wizard of Oz. Despite Kansas’s tiny population, some of its cities have a higher population than others. We’ll examine Kansas’ largest cities to see which one could win the title in 2050.

What Is the Largest City in Kansas?

The largest city in Kansas is Wichita, with a population of 397,532. Wichita’s population is comparable to that of New Orleans, Louisiana, and Aurora, Colorado, when compared to other significant American cities. In terms of total size, it ranks as the 50th largest city in the US.

Wichita occupies 166.5 square miles and is located in south-central Kansas. It is the county seat of Sedgwick County and has a rich historical background.

Wichita Statistics and Economics

Wichita has the best educational system in the state, which makes it an excellent option for families. However, as is frequently the case in larger cities, the crime rate is also far higher than normal. The industries that employ the greatest number of people in Wichita are those providing social assistance, health care, and educational services (22.89%), which are closely followed by the manufacturing sector (18.03%).

What Attracts People to Wichita?

Wichita is a popular destination for visitors for a variety of reasons, but one major draw is the affordable housing market. Both the typical mortgage payment of $1,410 and the median rent of $915 are significantly lower than in other regions of the state and the nation.

The educational system of Wichita is another major draw. Knowing that their children are receiving the greatest education available in the state allows families to feel secure. In addition to K–12 education, Wichita State University and the KU School of Medicine are major draws for visitors to the area. The lively environment and welcoming community of the city often result in medical students choosing to stay after completing their residency there.

What Will Be the Largest City in Kansas in 30 Years?

With twice as many people as Overland Park, the state’s second-biggest city, Wichita is Kansas’ largest metropolis.In 2050, Wichita is probably going to be the biggest city in Kansas. Moreover, Wichita’s population has increased with each census, which is quite unusual!

Highlights of the Top Largest Cities in Kansas Comparison

Ranking City Population Median Gross Rent Median Household Income
#1 Wichita 396,192 $915 $60,712
#2 Overland Park 197,726 $1,378 $100,876
#3 Kansas City 153,345 $1,044 $56,120
#4 Olathe 145,616 $1,229 $108,077
#5 Topeka 125,449 $926 $54,052