Discover the 9 Towns With the Cheapest Gas in Kansas

Kansas, sometimes known as the Sunflower State, sits smack dab in the middle of the country. There’s a good possibility you’ll pass through Kansas on your way to California or New York. Although the state of Kansas is famed for its stunning plains, there is much more to it than that. Along with some magnificent urban centers, there are undulating hills and beautiful forests.

Just under 3 million people call Kansas home, making it the 37th most populous state in the US. Although it has a small population, it excels in agriculture and produces the most sorghum in the nation. With 24% of the US’s winter wheat production grown in Kansas, the state is also a leader in wheat production.

Although many people disregard Kansas as a flat state with little to do, nothing could be further from the reality. Incredibly beautiful cities and parks can be found in Kansas. Driving a car is the most convenient way to navigate Kansas!

Thankfully, Kansas has rather affordable gas prices. The average gas price in the US as of October 2023 was roughly $3.64 per gallon. Gas cost an average of $3.47 per gallon in Kansas. You will often save twenty cents a gallon, which might add up when you go on a trip in your car!

However, bear in mind that some areas of Kansas have quite high pricing. The city with the lowest gas prices on this list sells it for over a dollar less than the national average! Use this list as a road map for your exploration of the Sunflower State. You’ll be grateful, as well as your wallet!

1. Wichita

With little under 400,000 inhabitants, Wichita, Kansas, is the biggest city in the state. The city has affordable gas costs despite its size! In Wichita, a gallon of gas costs $2.75, which is almost a dollar less than the national average. You will save roughly 75 cents when compared to the $3.47 state average. And fortunately, there are some enjoyable things to do while you’re in town!

Wichita has some fantastic attractions for you, whether you’re interested in plants or animals. With the arrival of the Sedgwick County Zoo, Kansas residents now have the chance to encounter creatures from all over the globe.You may stroll among some of the incredible plants that call Kansas home at Botanica the Witchita Gardens, which is located nearby. You might see a few sunflowers while admiring the grounds, I’m sure of it!

2. El Dorado

El Dorado, which has a population of 12,810, is a little town with excellent savings. El Dorado, which is next to the magnificent El Dorado Lake, is situated just northeast of Wichita. You can fill up a tank for $2.77 a gallon as you drive into town. As you make your way to some of Kansas’ most picturesque locations, you’ll benefit from fantastic savings.

The Kansas Oil Museum, which is located near El Dorado, is a great place for history buffs visiting Kansas to gain a peek of the state’s history throughout the 20th century. During the 1900s, Kansas had a significant role in the oil business, and this museum will take you on a pleasant, fascinating tour of the entire history. Explore the museum on your own or with a guide to learn more about the fascinating local history.

3. Horton

On the eastern part of the state, northwest of Kansas City, is the little community of Horton. The town doesn’t have a lot going on, but it does have some amazing gas pricing. Here, a gallon of gas costs $3.04, saving you more than forty cents compared to the state average. Given its excellent location in the northeastern part of the state, Horton is an ideal city to stop by for fuel if you’re traveling to Missouri or Nebraska. The town, though little, is mighty and has some nice spots to get out of the car and walk around.

Mission Lake Park is located in Horton, Kansas. This magnificent park is a serene retreat surrounded by lovely, motionless water. Consider hooking up here if you’re camping all over the place so you can enjoy Kansas’s natural beauty. While you’re at the park, you can play golf, hike, play volleyball, and go swimming.

4. Columbus

Columbus, Kansas is on the other side of the country. Near the borders of Oklahoma and Missouri, Columbus is situated in the southeast of the state. Although it is a small city with fewer than 3,000 residents, the trip is worthwhile because of the gas savings. As you fill up on your route into or out of Kansas, pay $3.08 per gallon. You should absolutely get a tank in Columbus if you are traveling from or to one of the adjacent states.

Columbus is an excellent area to get out of the car and grab a bite to eat because it is home to grocery stores and fast food. However, you might want to take a longer stretch break if you’re traveling with young children or a four-legged buddy. Visit Eddington Park, which is situated in the city’s northwest. As you continue your journey of the state, the playground and lush grass will be a fantastic place to stretch.

5. Kansas City

Naturally, Kansas City has to be included on the list of things to see while seeing the Sunflower State. Did you know that this major city boasts fantastic gas pricing as well? In Kansas City, Kansas, a gallon of gasoline costs only $3.08. Kansas City is situated between Missouri and the Sunflower State on the eastern edge of Kansas. Stick to the Kansas side if you are filling a tank. Compared to Kansas City, Kansas, prices are about forty cents higher in Missouri!

There are still some fantastic things to do in Kansas, even if Missouri makes up the majority of Kansas City. Go to the Kansas Speedway and watch a race if you enjoy racing! Spend money on a ticket and enjoy the performance because NASCAR races are hosted there! After filling up your tank, make a beeline for Wyandotte County Lake Park in Kansas City, Kansas, if you need to stretch out and go on a hike or fishing adventure.

6. Independence

Independence, Kansas is just west of Columbus. Another small town with significant gas savings is Independence. This border town is an easy stop if you’re traveling into or out of Oklahoma because it’s not that far away. Independence offers significant discounts above both the state and national averages with gallon prices of $3.09 per gallon. Be sure to stop by Independence if you’re in the state’s southeast.

Despite having fewer than 9,000 residents, Independence has a lot of fascinating things to do. The Riverside Park and Ralph Mitchell Zoo are among the top locations to check out while you’re in town. The zoo opened a decade after the park was established in the early 20th century. The attraction now houses both nature and history! A carousel, gardens, and animal displays let you take in the beautiful Kansas weather while being surrounded by the past.

7. Powhattan

The tiny city of Powhattan can be found in the northeastern portion of the state. Powhattan is a recognized city, however there are just about 70 people living there. The city is located close to the Nebraska border, northwest of Kansas City. When traveling north or entering Kansas from Nebraska, stop in Powhattan for some affordable gas. Gasoline costs $3.09 per gallon in Powhattan, which represents a big discount.

Really not much can be found inside Powhattan’s city limits. They have a fire station (along with, of course, a gas station). However, the Kickapoo Reservation is close by the city. There are three Kickapoo tribes spread across the country. Two other tribes are located in Texas and Oklahoma. Established in 1832, the Kickapoo Reservation is a significant cultural hub for Kansas.

8. Holton

Another excellent place to refuel while seeing the Sunflower State is Holton, Kansas. Holton is adjacent to several really beautiful natural wonders and historical attractions, despite the fact that the gallons are a little more expensive here. In Holton, gallons cost $3.18, which is still about thirty cents less than the state average. In addition, you’ll be saving fifty cents compared to the average! The city is likewise in the northeast of the state, but it is a little more in the middle. Holton is a very convenient stop if you’re traveling to Kansas’ interior.

The history of abolitionists in Holton is well documented. It not only has a fascinating story, but there are also some stunning sights to take in.Nearby Banner Creek Reservoir provides a wonderful opportunity to take a deep breath and dig your toes into the sand. This swimming reservoir provides the ideal opportunity for summertime fun because it allows boating, fishing, and camping. Get some gas and go to the beach! Who knew swimming was so good in Kansas?

9. Baxter Springs

The city of Baxter Springs, which has Kansas’ ninth-cheapest gas prices, rounds out the list. When compared to the national and state average gas prices, Baxter Springs still offers significant discounts at $3.19 per gallon. The city is tucked away in Kansas’ southeast corner, right next to Oklahoma. Take advantage of the low gas prices and local natural beauty by passing through Baxter Springs whether you’re entering or leaving Kansas.

The Spring River Dam is one of the great places to see in Baxter Springs. The river is surrounded by Baxter Springs, and the dam is a thrilling location to observe the water flow. The nearby Baxter Springs Campground offers a convenient and enjoyable spot to rest after a day of touring.

Kansas is a fantastic state that is well worth seeing. It offers much more than just flatland. Discover the thrilling reservoirs, raging rivers, and hopping cities that call Kansas home. Reasonable petrol prices make it a great area to explore. Gas can definitely pile up while traveling by car! If you follow this guide, you can save money while going on an exciting adventure.