Discover the 8 Tallest Buildings in Florida

Florida is renowned for its stunning beaches, fantastic weather, and numerous cities with breathtaking skylines. Florida’s most beautiful skylines can be found in Miami, Tampa, Orlando, and Jacksonville. All of these locations do not, however, have a reputation for having tall buildings to go along with their skylines. Actually, only three of Florida’s forty-three tallest structures are not located in Miami or the Sunny Isles Beach suburb of Miami.

There are two of the top forty-three in Tampa and one in Jacksonville. That’s accurate. Orlando was not even listed on the list. At 441 feet, the tallest structure in Orlando is the 85th tallest in Miami alone. Don’t get me wrong, though; Tampa, Jacksonville, and Orlando all still have breathtaking skylines. However, the focus of this essay is height. These are Florida’s eight highest structures.

Paramount Miami Worldcenter

The Paramount Miami Worldcenter is the first item on our list. Standing at a height of 700 feet, this building was initially finished in 2019. Undoubtedly one of the most spectacular hotels and private homes you will ever see is the Paramount Miami Worldcenter. Gardens, a rooftop observatory, a basketball court, a golf simulator, 26 pool cabanas, and much more are among the innumerable attractions. The ocean, which is only a few blocks away, is also easily accessible. When developing the Paramount Miami Worldcenter, its designers really had everything in mind.

One Thousand Museum

One of the biggest recent population surges occurred in Miami. More places to reside follow a population rise. That is the sole activity of One Thousand Museum. The 709-foot-tall structure was completed in 2019. This building’s only function is to accommodate some of Miami’s wealthiest citizens. There is a rooftop pool, spa, salon, juice bar, bar, and sunbathing space in addition to the breathtaking views. The “scorpion tower” moniker comes from the distinctive appearance of this structure.

830 Brickell

830 Brickell is one of the tallest office towers in Florida. The height of this structure, which opened in 2022, is 725 feet. Some of the biggest companies in the world are housed within this Miami office tower. These consist of Citadel Group, Microsoft, and Rothschild & Co. Because office space in Florida is less expensive to lease, many of these big firms are moving there. This was a significant result of COVID-19, with businesses attempting to get employees back into the office. It’s a terrific incentive since these businesses are aware of how much people desire to live in warm climates like Florida.

Brickell Flatiron

Brickell Flatiron is another recently completed structure in Miami that will aid with the growing population. In 2019, this residential and retail skyscraper was also finished. Even though it was physically finished in just four years, this building had a difficult time getting started. When it was first planned, a mixed-use structure was to be constructed in 2008. But those hopes came to an end with the recession. Fortunately, the building’s concept was revived and swiftly finished in 2017. With its current height of 734 feet, it is formally Florida’s fifth-tallest structure overall.

Southeast Financial Center

Southeast Financial Center is by far the oldest structure on this list. The first time this facility was used was in 1984. Standing at 764 feet, it was the highest point in Florida for 19 years. The Miami Tower and the Bank of America Tower in Jacksonville were the only two structures that even remotely matched it for a considerable amount of time. With offices for Merrill Lynch, Wells Fargo, and Goldman Sachs among others, the Southeast Financial Center is Florida’s tallest office tower. In general, it makes sense to have as many financial services available as possible considering the wealth that is concentrated in Florida.

Four Seasons Hotel Miami

You may probably determine one of this building’s purposes just by looking at its name. But, the Four Seasons hotel is not the only building there; individual residences and offices are also available. Actually, the hotel occupies just half of the building’s floors; the other half are used for private use. The majority of the three office floors are occupied by HSBC Bank. With a height of 789 feet when it opened in 2003, this skyscraper became the tallest in Florida. The structure has a striking blue hue that makes it appear as though it would mix in with the waters of the ocean that it stands over. In addition, the lowest floor of the tower houses shops and provides access to the Sports Club/La Miami, which houses some of the best spas and gyms.

Aston Martin Residences

One of the tallest residential structures in the United States, the Aston Martin Residences were formally finished in 2023. At 817 feet, the private residential building is the second-tallest structure in Florida. This building in Miami’s downtown is in an ideal location—directly adjacent to the water. Even in the middle of the global Covid-19 outbreak, the building was finished. This structure embodies every distinctive style and appearance that makes Miami unique.

Panorama Tower

At present, the highest structure in Florida is the Panorama Tower located in Miami’s downtown. Completed in 2017, this structure has an elevation of 868 feet. Another structure that had a significant setback during the 2008 crisis was Panorama Tower. This project was redesigned in part because Florida International University opened a campus in Miami’s downtown. This structure towers over the rest of the state and is ideally located in Miami close to the ocean.

Tallest Buildings in Cities Outside of Miami

Although Miami tops the list of Florida’s tallest cities, you should still visit other cities like Jacksonville, Orlando, and Tampa. The Bank of America Tower, which is 617 feet tall, is the tallest structure in Jacksonville. Every night, Jacksonville’s skyline comes to life as well, reflecting off the Saint Johns River. The highest structure in Tampa, 100 North Tampa, is visible from the ground and is proudly 579 feet high.

It should come as no surprise that additional structures are being built in Tampa, as the city is likewise seeing rapid growth in the United States. Although Disney World is the main reason Orlando is known, you can also see 200 South Orange, the highest skyscraper in the world, which stands at 441 feet. Jacksonville’s downtown is imitated in downtown Orlando, where stunning lights are used to reflect the skyline off the several lakes.

In addition, two structures that will both be taller than Miami’s Panorama Tower are presently being built there: Okan Tower and Waldorf Astoria Miami. Florida’s population is growing, and many new structures are being built as a result. The next time you’re there, be sure to view these buildings and take in each amazing city’s skyline.

Name Location Height Year Completed
Paramount Miami Worldcenter Miami 700 Feet 2019
One Thousand Museum Miami 709 Feet 2019
830 Brickell Miami 725 Feet 2022
Brickell Flatiron Miami 734 Feet 2019
Southeast Financial Center Miami 764 Feet 1984
Four Seasons Hotel Miami Miami 789 Feet 2003
Aston Martin Residences Miami 817 Feet 2023
Panorama Tower Miami 868 Feet 2017