Discover the 7 Richest Counties in Tennessee (and Who Lives There)

One of the most well-known states in the union is Tennessee. Because of the industries that are based there, it is also regarded as one of the richest states in the union. Tennessee has a rich and impressive past that has shaped the country. What is the relative wealth of the counties in Tennessee as a state? Which Tennessee counties rank highest on the list? Let’s examine Tennessee’s seven wealthiest counties.

Williamson County

Williamson County, home to 247,000 people, is a part of the Nashville metropolitan area. In the past, Williamson County raised cattle in addition to crops like hemp and tobacco. This is what brought the county’s wealth, and this pattern has persisted over the years. The county’s schools are excellent as well. Tim McGraw, Brad Paisley, Faith Hill, Justin Timberlake, and Keith Urban are among the residents of Williamson County.

Wilson County

Wilson County, which is in the middle of the state, is home to 147,000 people. The three main sectors of the Wilson County economy are packaging, aircraft, and pharmaceuticals. Wilson County, with a typical property price of approximately $470,000, is among the wealthiest counties in Tennessee. Wilson County is home to a number of notable individuals, including classical composer David Sartor, NASCAR driver Casey Atwood, and country singer Gretchen Wilson.

Davidson County

Nashville, the capital of Tennessee and the most populous city in the state, serves as the county seat of Davidson County. Nashville is the hub of the state’s financial institutions, industry, and music and culture because it is a part of Davidson County. Many performers, including Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Reba McEntire, Kesha, and the legendary Dolly Parton, call Davidson County home.

Sumner County

With 196,000 residents, Sumner County is a part of the Nashville metropolitan area. Among the cities that are part of Sumner County are Portland, Westmoreland, and Millersville. Summer County’s economy is boosted by the manufacturing, healthcare, retail, and educational sectors. The average cost of a home in the county is $401,000. R&B artist Nacole Rice is one of the residents of Sumner County.

Rutherford County

Rutherford County, which is a part of the Nashville metropolitan area, is home to 352,000 people. Rutherford County Schools is the employer with the largest workforce, although the county is home to a wide range of other sectors. Amazon, Nissan, Middle Tennessee State University, and a number of manufacturing firms are among them. Singer Toni Baldwin, journalist Rankin Barbee, and football player Jerry Anderson are a few individuals who have resided in Rutherford County.

County of Loudon

Loudon County, which is a part of the Knoxville Metropolitan Region, is home to roughly 54,000 people. Loudon County is situated in eastern Tennessee, as opposed to other locations on this list. Retail, healthcare, and manufacturing are Loudon County’s three main industries. The median price of a home in Loudon County is $366,000. Renowned individuals that have resided in Loudon County are Bruce Wilkerson, Kenny Roberts, Julia Hurley, and Claire Donahue.

Fayette County

With approximately 41,000 residents, Fayette County is a part of the Memphis metropolitan area. In the past, Fayette County was a significant county in Tennessee for both slavery and cotton farming. The two main industries in Fayette County nowadays are manufacturing and healthcare. Notable individuals who have resided in Fayette County are Democratic politician Johnny Shaw and vocalist Fred McDowell.

In summary

There you have it: these are Tennessee’s seven wealthiest counties. The residents of this area have made good lives for themselves via hard work and financial success. They are generally well-off. Millionaires and even billionaires are among the residents of Tennessee, and this trend is expected to continue.

Highlights of the Richest Counties in Tennessee:

County Median Income Overall Wealth Index
Williamson County $116,492 45.06
Wilson County $82,224 28.11
Davidson County $66,047 26.44
Sumner County $73,517 25.69
Rutherford County $72,985 24.19
Loudon County $66,151 22.33
Fayette County $69,729 22.30