Discover the 6 Most Educated Places in Virginia

Since the dawn of time, when humanity realised that learning was necessary, education has existed. Education has been crucial to our globe from the time of the Ancient Greeks and Egyptians to the Renaissance and contemporary society. Education often begins in early childhood and finishes when a person is about eighteen. Following that, you have the option of pursuing a graduate degree or a bachelor’s degree.

However, as of right now, 35% of Americans who are 25 years of age or older hold a bachelor’s degree. With graduate degrees, the percentages drop sharply: only 2% of people have doctorates, whereas 13% of people aged 25 and older have master’s degrees.

What are the statistics regarding Virginia? Let’s examine the top six educational hubs in Virginia. We’ll examine the counties where at least one person holds a bachelor’s degree.

6. Albemarle County

The historic house and grounds of Thomas Jefferson, known as Monticello, is arguably the most well-known sight in Albemarle County. Albemarle County is home to several public and private educational institutions. There are 44,000 individuals in the county who hold bachelor’s degrees or higher. For those with master’s degrees, the figure drops to 13,000, and for those with doctorates, it drops to 4,000.

5. Fairfax, VA

In Fairfax County, Fairfax is a separate city. Because of its closeness to Washington, DC, a large number of Fairfax, VA residents commute there in order to pursue upper-level employment. As a result, the majority of people in Fairfax—41.2%, to be exact—have bachelor’s degrees or above. There are several colleges and universities in Fairfax County, despite the fact that there are none inside the city borders. Within the city, the Fairfax City Public Schools are in operation.

4. Fairfax County

Due to Fairfax County’s close proximity to Washington, DC, the majority of its residents commute to the capital, necessitating the possession of professional degrees for employment in upper-level positions in our country’s capital. With 497,000 individuals holding bachelor’s degrees or above, this group ranks first in this category. For individuals holding master’s degrees, the number drops to 184,000, and for those holding doctorates, it drops to 27,000. George Mason University and the Central Intelligence Agency University are two of the universities located in Fairfax County.

3. Alexandria, VA

History is extremely important in Alexandria because it is a historic city with a historical centre. Because Alexandria is so close to Washington, DC, the majority of its residents travel to work in the nation’s capital. For many to work there, therefore, professional degrees are required. In Alexandria, Virginia, about 50% of people hold a bachelor’s degree or more. Alexandria is home to a few universities, notably the Architecture Centre at Virginia Tech, a branch of Virginia Commonwealth University, and a George Washington University satellite campus.

2. Falls Church, VA

The majority of residents in Falls Church are required to hold professional degrees due to the town’s close proximity to Washington, DC, therefore bachelor’s degrees are more common. The percentage of residents in Falls Church with professional degrees is about 53%. Falls Church is home to several private schools in addition to the public schools run by Falls Church City Public Schools, despite the absence of universities in the area.

1. Arlington County

Approximately 132,000 individuals, or nearly half of the county, possess a bachelor’s degree. This is a result of the requirement for professional degrees for the majority of Arlington County residents. Many of them work in Washington, DC, after all. There are now only 48,000 master’s degree holders and 8,000 doctorate holders, respectively. Arlington County is home to a number of universities, including Marymount University, a research centre for Virginia Tech, a satellite campus of George Mason University, and others.

Highlights of the Most Educated Places in Virginia:

County/Place Percent with Bachelor’s Degree or Higher
Albemarle County 39.3%
Fairfax, VA 41.2%
Fairfax County 43.6%
Alexandria, VA 50.5%
Falls Church, VA 53%
Arlington County 56.8%