Discover The 6 Largest Alligators Ever Found in Texas

People are warned to stay away from swamps and lake borders for fear of coming into contact with these dinosaur-like creatures due to the alligators’ massive armour and their gaping, fang-like jaws. Nonetheless, it can be challenging to exaggerate the potential impact of a gator’s presence if you have never seen one up close. The ancient adage “Everything is bigger in Texas” is true, and alligators have taken this to heart. Whether they were very enormous or extraordinarily heavy (or both), these five Texas alligators are among the largest.

1. 14 feet 3 inches, 800 pounds

Typically, a male alligator measures 11 feet in length and weighs over 1,000 pounds. This alligator goes above and above! Officially, young hunter Braxton Bielski’s catch of an alligator in Texas is the largest to date. Bielski is ecstatic to have recorded the biggest alligator catch, as hunting alligators has always been his ambition. The Choke Canyon Reservoir is where the alligator was caught. Troy, Bielski’s father, also struck it lucky in the reservoir, bringing in an impressive 10.5-foot specimen!

2. 14 feet 2.5 inches, 781 pounds

Florida hunters nearly surpassed Braxton Bielski’s record catch by a mere half-inch with this enormous lizard. It was only one of many victims during the alligator hunting season in Texas. When the hunters came upon the gator, they were in the James E. Daughtrey Wildlife Management Area. This wildlife management area includes Choke Canyon Reservoir, home of the world-record gator.

3. 13 feet 8 inches, 900 pounds

Big Tex is the preferred moniker of Champion Lake’s “friendly” nuisance alligator. He is the biggest alligator ever captured alive in Texas. Gary Saurage, the proprietor of Gator Country, saw signs of harassment by people on this gator. Big Tex had hooks around his jaw and rope burns from people trying to take him down.

Big Tex is still living in Gator Country, where he may spend the rest of his life without having to worry about someone trying to kill or catch him, thanks to the owner of the gator sanctuary’s successful capture of him in 2016. In addition, knowing that this gator is no longer in the region allows visitors to Champion Lake to picnic with relative ease.

4. 13 feet 4 inches, and 1,000+ pounds

Although there isn’t much information about his beginnings, this gator appears to lead a rather well-known existence. Big Al is not just one of the most famous alligators in captivity, but also one of the oldest. At ninety-two, he resides in Gator Country with other rescued alligators. Big Tex was the largest alligator in the sanctuary until his discovery. It is said that Big Al, who is rather elderly, is nevertheless fairly active and has a charming snaggletooth.

5. 13 feet, 680 pounds

Four hunters ultimately prevailed over the alligator after hunting it for over 20 years. Robert Hennis and his three boys had been eyeing the 13-foot-long alligator in Turtle Bayou for 20 hunting seasons, which last only 20 days. Hennis had a goal to kill this gator even though it wasn’t a bothersome animal. He caught the animal two days prior to the closing day of the 2023 hunting season.

Although some people believe that hunting alligators is pointless, it is essential to controlling the alligator population. Members of a nearby church congregation were nourished by the meat of this particular alligator.

6. 11 feet, 1,200 pounds

A passing vehicle was enthralled by an outstanding alligator that was meandering around the streets of Missouri City, Texas. In order to get a local gator trapper, Cornelius Greigg Jr. called the police. The gator was measured to be nearly 11 feet long and 1,200 pounds once it was captured, which took more than three hours!

This gator, which is also lacking a leg, is thought to be around 85 years old by trappers. Luckily, the gator could be moved 100 miles from its original catch location to Gator Country.

Highlights of the 6 Largest Alligators Ever Found in Texas

Size and Weight Location
14 feet, 3 inches, 800 pounds Choke Canyon Reservoir
14 feet, 2.5 inches, 781 pounds James E. Daughtrey Wildlife Management Area
13 feet, 8 inches, 900 pounds Champion Lake
13 feet, 4 inches, 1000+ pounds Beaumont
13.0 feet, 680 pounds Turtle Bayou
11 feet, 1200 pounds Missouri City