Discover the 5 Most Educated Places in Maine

One of America’s most exquisite and underappreciated states is Maine. It boasts breathtaking mountains, gorgeous beaches, quaint towns, and much more. Maine is home to some extremely educated pockets of people, so the state is more than just a nice aesthetic.

We’re going to examine Maine’s top five educated counties. Using Data Commons, we will be able to visualise which counties have the highest percentage of people with a bachelor’s degree or higher. Please take note that we will only be examining the locations where data is available; the more rural parts of Maine do not currently have data.

Let’s examine Maine’s five most educated counties. We’ll examine the proportion of people with advanced degrees, the towns and cities that comprise the counties, and whether or not there are any universities in the region. Now let’s get started!

5. Hancock County

Hancock County ranks fifth in Maine for educational attainment. With 55,581 citizens as of 2022, Hancock County is the eighth most populous county in Maine. 26.8% of those occupants have a bachelor’s degree or above. There are one city, thirty-four towns, fourteen townships, three plantations, and twenty-one islands in Hancock County. Hancock County is home to a few universities, one of which is the College of the Atlantic.

4. Knox County

Knox County ranks as Maine’s fourth most educated county. There are little over 40,000 people living in Knox County, and 27.2% of them have a bachelor’s degree. As around 37% of Americans have a college degree, according to the American Census from 2022, Knox County is over 10% behind the national average. Knox County contains one city and sixteen towns, such as Rockport, Camden, Rockland, and, of course, Friendship!

3. Lincoln County

The third-most educated county in Maine is Lincoln County. There are 19 towns in Lincoln County, including Damariscotta, Westport Island, Boothbay, and Wiscasset. Despite the county having 19 municipalities, there are just slightly over 35,000 people living there. 28.2% of the community’s citizens hold a bachelor’s degree or above.

2. Sagadahoc County

Sagadahoc County is the second most educated county in Maine. 28.4% of the population, or nearly one-third of the total, holds a higher education degree. Some of Maine’s most picturesque and well-known locations, such as Bowdoin, Bath, Topsham, Woolwich, and Georgetown, can be found in Sagadahoc. Sagadahoc County is home to twelve villages with a combined population of slightly over 33,000 people. Although there are only sixteen counties in Maine, this one has the twelfth-highest population.

1. Cumberland County

Lastly, when it comes to education, Cumberland County leads the state of Maine. A noteworthy percentage of the population in Cumberland County—35.8%—has a bachelor’s degree or above. Some of the biggest towns and cities in Maine, including Portland, Cumberland, Falmouth, Brunswick, and Freeport, are located in Cumberland County. Cumberland County is home to 28 towns and cities in total.

Though, of course, the populace may or may not have attended these schools, Cumberland County is home to a few universities. The University of Southern Maine and The University of Maine, the biggest university in Maine, are both located in Portland.

Highlights of the Most Educated Counties in Maine

Now that you’ve learned the ins and outs of the most educated counties in Maine, here’s a quick summary, including the county, percentage with a Bachelor’s degree, and a few of the cities and towns that make up the county.

County Percent w/ Bachelor’s Degree* Some Cities and Towns in the County
Cumberland County 35.8% Portland, Cumberland, Falmouth, Brunswick, Freeport
Sagadahoc County 28.4% Bowdoin, Bath, Topsham, Woolwich, Georgetown
Lincoln County 28.2% Damariscotta, Bristol, Wiscasset, Westport, Boothbay Harbor
Knox County 27.2% Camden, Rockland, Rockport, North Haven, Appleton
Hancock County 26.8% Hancock, Ellsworth, Bar Harbor, Sullivan, Blue Hill